Saturday 30 November 2019

Mystery Thanet Hotel for the class conscious, yesterday's answer and some other old photos to go with he answer

Do you know which Thanet hotel this was?
Do you say 
a hotel, 
an hotel, 
a 'otel, 
or an 'otel?
Back in the day it showed which class you were.
The answer to yesterday's mystery picture

I'll do it by zooming out

The significant arrows point to the buildings of interest

The red one so the answer is, it was built as the harbour offices on the ground floor and the commissioners wosisname upstairs, committee room, dining room and so on depending on what you read.

The Green one i think is the Harbour Master's House.

The purple one points to the Clock House, which is still there.

The blue one points to the Harbour Store.

The coloured arrows show the significant buildings 

This is the full picture which should expand when you click on it

Some information from Michael Cates which helps next 

"Clock House 1842 to 1881 when it had a black face

Between 1871 and c.1894. Custom House

Michael Well - when the old Harbour Trustees transferred management of the harbour to the Board of Trade in 1862 there was no need for the meeting room. What happened between then and 1871 is unknown to me.

I suspect the Harbour Master's house stayed in that role for some time as did the old police station until 1887.

In the current harbour master's office are (or were?) some fine 18th/19th century curved cupboards, with barely discernible writing on them identify "Engineer's Dept. etc.

I suspect they were custom built (no pun intended) for the old committee building to suit its circular floor plan"

This map should help
It's called Pier House in this one.
link to the rest of the map
we sell the map as a printed sheet about a yard wide for £9.99 in the bookshop. HP printer with genuine HP ink. Or you can have a go at printing it yourself and gluing it together, I think it uses about £9.99 worth of ink. We don't post the paper map because of the cost of cardboard tube, postage and labour making it too expensive.

 Extra questions. Do you know what the basket on the little crane on the left of the picture is for? Do you know why there is smoke coming out of a small funnel on this Ramsgate Fishing Smack?
 this one in particular is worth expanding, these photos of Ramsgate Harbour from before 1890 are worth close examination.
Note the size of Ramsgate's fishing fleet back in the day, a business worth millions,

Here at Michael's Bookshop where I work in Ramsgate I have been making sign boards for the top of the window.

 These are easily removable boards that take 3 sheets of A3 I will be encouraging the young people who work part time in the bookshop after school to change what they say to something more interesting. 

link to the photos of the books we put out today  

Friday 29 November 2019

Mystery Photo, The answers to Wednesday's photos

So do you know where Thanet building this was? Sorry it's a bit fuzzy as it's a crop from a bigger photo which forms part of the answer which should be in my next blog post.

Wednesday's answers
 Montefiore Synagogue Ramsgate
 Camera Obscura Ramsgate West Pier
 Eastcliff Lodge JWM Turner
The Chapel, Royal Sea Bathing Hospital Margate

While I am trying to keep on top of posting interesting blogs I am very busy with other stuff at the moment. My working days are very busy and are running on after closing time, so apologies if I have missed responding to anything.

A fair amount of books coming and going where I work at Michael's Bookshop here in Ramsgate

link to the ones we put out today 

I didn't get any painting done this evening, didn't get the time

A few photos of Ramsgate this evening, mostly playing about with different camera settings

link to photos

Wednesday 27 November 2019

Four Mystery pictures and a strange one, yesterday's Answer in pictures and the rest of it

 Do you know where in Thanet this clock is? Mystery number !

 Do you know which famous Thanet building, now demolished this is and who the artist was? Mystery number 2

 Do you know what this building was and where in Thanet it was? Mystery number 3

 Do you know which Thanet religious building this is? Mystery number 4

This is the strange one I will call it mystery number 5 in case any one has any ideas. Westonville is the previous name for Westbrook, but I don't this the caption can be right, I think where it was will remain a bit of a mystery. 

Yesterday's mystery photo was. Royal Temple Yacht Club, photos take in 2017 with a zoom camera, in this case a Canon S3 IS which is a 2006 camera so a bit of a digital antique. So here are the rest of the photos from that spot zooming in on the TV aerials. All the photos will expand if you click on them.

A useful camera for me as I don't think just putting local photos on the internet that anyone could have taken with their phone would be interesting enough for other people to look at.

Rather in the way I don't see myself as an artist but more of a painter, I don't see myself as an photographer but more of a snapper. I often don't stop walking to take photos and publish all of the photos rather than selecting a good one.

I noticed a long time ago that when another member of the family wants to show you their holiday photos, leave them with us, and viewing them when they are not there is much more amusing.

"Why is he wearing that hat." Type of kidney and I expect people to view my snaps in this way. "He missed the seagull again." Well you know what I mean.

 Apart from the Canon I have various cameras that do different things
the one thing they all have in common is the have both a view finding screen and a viewfinder with an eyepiece that has an adjuster for your eyesight, essential if you wear reading glasses, to read, like I do.

Here at Michael's Bookshop where I work in Ramsgate, I have had another day of carpentry, making more bookshelves. My groanup mentioned something about carpentry in our flat tomorrow, so I may get in a bit of paining at the Pav.

link to the pictures of the books we put out today
I may add some more to this post later on.

Tuesday 26 November 2019

Mystery picture, the answer to yesterday's mystery picture and the rest.

Do you know where in Thanet this is? It is a well known local building.

The answer to yesterdays mystery picture is Waterloo Tower Quex Park

So some more pictures I took on the same day at the same place.

Next something about the Birchington bells from the book A History of the Ville of Birchington J. P. Barrett if you are interested in more I suggest you come to Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate and give it a browse link to it on our website   to the buy it now wosisname and we will also have various original editions first edition 1893 from about £50, the more desirable second edition which is the same as the first edition but with 15 extra pages from about £75

A busy day at work building shelving for extra science fiction books

link to the photos of the books we put out today

Monday 25 November 2019

Mystery picture, answer to Saturday's mystery picture, Canterbury and Ramsgate photos

Do you know where in Thanet this is?

Saturday's mystery photo was of Dumpton Park Station which was demolished in 1972, the rather grandiose station building, that is, the station itself is still used as a station.

The main source for information on Ramsgate Railways is David Richards book All Change, here is the link to it  I recommend giving it a good browse next time you are in Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate.

The mystery photo was from that book and so is the following.

Here is the photo before I cropped off the title

Here is Dumpton Park Station when it first opened in 1926

In 1846 the South Eastern Railway was extend from Canterbury to Ramsgate, blue line + little bit of of yellow lineThe first Ramsgate Old Town Station was at the on Margate Road near the top of Chatham Street.

In 1860 the London Chatham and Dover Railway was extended from Herne Bay to Ramsgate red line and through the tunnel pink line to The Sands Station.

In 1926 the  South Eastern Railway and the London Chatham and Dover Railway amalgamated the two competing railways were no longer competing the existing Ramsgate stations were replaced, the tunnel and line to Margate were closed.

The line from Canterbury and the one from Herne Bay were joined up green line.

Here is the link to the photos I took yesterday in Canterbury and this evening in Ramsgate

I have had a few ITC issues, so sorry if I haven't responded to you during the last 48 hours.

Fairly busy at work here at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate

link to the books we put out