Friday, 15 February 2019

Goodbye Mr Simms

Starting with this Cliftonville of what back in the day is a coach and four rigged as a four-in-hand, note the lady driver, can you decode the class distinction in the photo, note the cloth cap in particular and of course the cork helmet. A very English class system.

I believe this is probably The Alma Inn

I have just got back from painting at The Royal Victoria Pavilion aka Wetherspoons Ramsgate
This, I suppose the right word is watercolour painting, is what I am playing at with at the moment. The paper, a full sheet of Bockingford (140lb) Not, it very tough stuff, allowing me to take stuff away as well as add it. Spot the difference.

 It looks like the writing's on the window for the Olde Sweet Shoppe

some other probable issues in Harbour Street
This is the link to the rest of tonight's photos

workwise the link to the pictures of the books we put out today

the bookshop was very busy again today, so not a lot went out. We should catch up during half term, more of us on the ground.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Spring at Last? valentines day 2019

 Sad to see the Model Shop has gone

We had a day off in Ramsgate today

Not really sure if this one will ever develop into a finished painting, but the seat is usually empty even when Wetherspoons is very busy, so I am learning stuff, perhaps.

As you can see very pleasant in Ramsgate today, much more like a spring day than a winter one, people sitting outside the cafes even a couple of people in the sea. The rest of the photos, warts and all if you want them.
Here is the link

For the dedicated bookshop followers here is the link to the photos of yesterdays new arrivals 

Happy valentines day to all my readers. The unfinished and maybe unfinishable paining of the inside of the Royal Victoria Pavilion will have to do by way of a card 

Art < 100 exhibition Nice Things Harbour Street Ramsgate and York Street Gallery in Ramsgate