Thursday 31 July 2014

Teaching children music and the monkey business

 My day off today, and the first day off for ages that I don’t have to get up for some reason, so I got up earlier than usual. During term time I have to get up to make sure the children get off to school, on Saturday’s the shop is open and on Sundays the children should be on time for church.

Now I can’t sing, I didn't have a very musical childhood and this came to a head for me when I was an “Anglican contemplative” this is another way of saying monk and doesn’t immediately sound as though you may have had a dirty habit.

I would say that if you think Friar Tuck here, it won’t help much, I won’t name and shame the religious order as they are still just about in the monkey business and for one reason or another, may not want to be associated with this blog post.

There is a lot of singing involved in the monkey business, mostly psalms, you have Prime at 6am mostly singing psalms, followed by Matins mostly singing psalms, followed by half an hours meditation when the natural early risers try not to laugh if others go to sleep and fall of their perches.

After that the normal milking the goats, washing and cleaning your teeth and having your breakfast.
 After that you have Terce mostly singing psalms, followed some strange monkey business which involves standing on your head (because this order all did their yoga together) this is followed by a lot of talking because of the “great silence” which means no one is allowed to talk from after Compline mostly singing psalms, the previous evening until after the standing on your head stuff.

You then go off and do physical labour, I did carpentry which involved teaching it to a lot of god bothering types, who went there on retreat,  retreats are basically religious holidays where people who aren’t monks go off and do the monkey business, so I spent quite a lot of time trying to stop bishops cutting off their fingers and so on.

Then you had Sext, not what you think, because we had made a vow of chastity, but mostly singing psalms.

Well one day the Abbot summoned me, he wasn’t much of a summoner, but he was a natural early riser, and I’m not, so as you can imagine I was a bit worried he was going to be a bit terce about missing Mattins.

I didn’t know if you could be unfrocked, well I suppose it would have been uninhabited, in the monkey business. Mine was was certainly a bit dirty after all the carpentry, although fortunately didn’t have much holey blood on it.

A fly drowns in your cup of tea, what do you do? Fish it out and drink the tea? Pour your tea away and make a new cup? Do you wash the cup up? Try to drink around the fly? does this depend on how big the fly is?

Well as soon as I got to the Abbot’s cell I realised he was trying to drink his tea around a rather large fly. “It’s about your chanting Brother Michael.” He managed eventually. Chanting obviously wasn’t to do with oversleeping and once I realised this wasn’t to do with inhabiting me, I guessed the fly in ointment was my singing.
 This is PSALM 149. Cantate Domino, which is latin for o sing

“O SING unto the Lord a new song : let the congregation of saints praise him. Let Israel rejoice in him that made him : and let the children of Sion be joyful in their King. Let them praise his Name in the dance : let them sing praises unto him with tabret and harp. For the Lord hath pleasure in his people : and helpeth the meek-hearted. Let the saints be joyful with glory : let them rejoice in their beds. Let the praises of God be in their mouth : and a two-edged sword in their hands; To be avenged of the heathen : and to rebuke the people; To bind their kings in chains : and their nobles with links of iron. That they may be avenged of them, as it is written : Such honour have all his saints.”

It’s a very old translation in The Book of Common Prayer, it predates The King James Bible of 1611 and even in the monkey business, where they stopped saying ghost, then stopped saying spirit, and were left saying just “you” the still use it because it fits the music.  

Anyway the upshot was I could carry on rejoicing in my bed, but no more cantate, I think all psalms have basically two tunes when you chant them, if you are in the monkey business. That is one tune between the full stop and the colon and one tune between the colon and the full stop, over and over again.

Well it seemed I had been singing the notes out of tune, over and over again for about a year. Colons weren’t mentioned but we negotiated around the fly to my full stop.

So on the face of it, I may not the best person to teach children music, but I have a special method.

Any of my children saying “I want a pony” is likely to get the answer “With or without ketchup” but one has had some expensive piano lessons and the other some expensive guitar lessons.   

Having a child play the beginning of  “Ode to Joy” at you over and over again on the piano, while the other child who has learn the chords A E and D on the guitar plays something unrecognisable but definitely completely different at you on the guitar, isn’t that joyous.  
So the answer was Shaky, not what you think but a bloke my youngest sister had the hots for when she was a teenager, my children have now seen the video on youtube about fifty times and have concluded that this was something to with the way he moves his legs.  

So we transposed “This Ole House” into C for one one finger on the piano so it can be played with the chords A E and D on the guitar, and I explained to my children that they had to sing it, tap one foot to it, while one of them played it on the piano and the other played on the guitar.

When a child is, tapping its foot, playing a musical instrument and singing, all at the same time, they don't have anything much left to do anything at you.

I don’t think I have ever seen children’s musical ability improve so rapidly, so very successful music lessons indeed.

I haven’t played with my organ for years and I thought I had better get my keyboard skills up to their standard, so spent an educative hour fighting Bach’s Toccata and Fugue in D minor, while mumbling, “face” “all cows eat grass” “every good boy deserves football” and other expletives. so they are beginning to master that too. A note here, which I left until later, for the youf of today, which is about learning about learning and teachers are not aloud to tell you, the ruder the mnemonic (thing to remember things with) is the more likely you are to remember the thing you are trying to remember, the bottom line here, at least with piano music is GBDFA so you can decide exactly what type of bitch it is that does FA.   

Obviously I can’t put a video of this up on youtube but I do have older children and I already have one of the type of thing that happen last time around.

The pictures in the post relate to pen sketch I did the other morning as I went back there this morning and added some watercolour to it.  

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Four Thousand Lives German Jews to Sandwich RichboroughTransit Kitchner Camp New Local History Book

I have just received stock of this book, price wise, the cover price is £18.99, Amazon are selling it for £15.19 and a few of the firms who sell via Amazon but have positive feedback of 98% or less are selling it as cheaply as £13, we are selling new copies signed by the author for £14.99 in the shop only.

Before I tell you about the book, the trade price to me is £12, giving a profit per book of £2.99, so you can see the reason why there are virtually no independent bookshops left.   

Anyway the choice is yours, use it or lose it, my recommendation is the signed copy as it will better appreciate in value and you can see what condition it’s in before you buy it.

In November 1938 about 30,000 German Jewish men were taken to concentration camps where they were subjected to torture, starvation and arbitrary death. In Four Thousand Lives, Clare Ungerson tells the remarkable story of how the grandees of Anglo-Jewry persuaded the British Government to allow them to establish a transit camp in Sandwich, East Kent, to which up to 4,000 men could be brought while they waited for permanent settlement overseas. The whole rescue was funded by the British Jewish community, with help from American Jewry. Most of the men had to leave their families behind. Would they get them out in time? And how would the people of Sandwich - a town the same size as the camp - react to so many German speaking Jewish foreigners? There was a well-organised branch of the British Union of Fascists in Sandwich. Lady Pearson, the BUF candidate for Canterbury, was President of the Sandwich Chamber of Commerce and Captain Gordon Canning, a prominent Fascist and close friend of Oswald Mosley, lived there and he and his grand friends used to meet there to play golf. This background adds to the drama of the race against time to save lives. Four Thousand Lives is not just a story of salvation, but also a revealing account of how a small English community reacted to the arrival of so many German Jews in their midst.


Professor Clare Ungerson
University of Southampton
ISBN            0752497936                Pages            208
ISBN13            9780752497938
            Weight (grammes)            544
Publisher            The History Press Ltd                   Published in     Stroud
Imprint The History Press Ltd                   Published in     GB
Format            Hardback                    Height (mm)    234
Publication date            25 Feb 2014                Width (mm)    156
DEWEY            940.5318                    Spine width (mm)            25

DEWEY edition  DC23               Academic level            General 

Tuesday 29 July 2014

School holidays start with don’t swim in the sea and children’s books in the bookshop

 I will start with the children’s books, it is a very good idea if children have a books to read during the school holidays. The pictures are of the books in the children’s section of my bookshop, if you click on the photos so they get bigger and click on them again, once they have got bigger, they should get big enough to let you read most of the titles. If they don’t I will try to take some better photos and replace them.

I am having a jinxed day, I could say my decent camera has gone wrong, the truth is that I have lost the charger, so I took the pictures with my mobile phone which isn’t so good indoors.
 There are several reasons why it is best for children to have a real book to read, rather than a kindle, or some other device, the main one being that technology has just too many distractions.

Another one is to do with what some people call “lose toys in the attic” which is a euphemism (another way of saying) “mental” “mad” and so on, which can be hurtful if the person you’re talking about has really got a mental illness.  
 However people who are reasonably sane, in fact everyone, has stuff in their minds that works strangely for one reason or another. I think that if someone uses a screen a lot to read things that hardly go in to their memory and they will never need a few seconds after reading them, then their minds get used to junking stuff they read on screens.

A very good example on this blog is when the adults start to insult each other, they skim up and down the comments looking only for. What? Someone they don’t like so they can be rude to them. Someone who has been rude to them. can you think of any more? But the point here is it soon becomes obvious that they are not interested in the topic of the post, so their mind is junking that information.
 If you read a book on a screen and your mind has gone even a little bit like that when you read from screens, you may find you’ve “lost the plot” sorry couldn’t resist that one, wait until I get to the sea, it will get worse.

This can be a problem with serious study, my children have been saying, “print it out dad” for years.
 This part of my bookshop has children’s books for children, the books are priced accordingly, there are lots of books priced under £1 and if you look carefully some are priced at 10p. This is partly books that are nearly worn out, but also my low cunning which I hope will make children look at the books carefully.

 I should also point out the we offer exchange vouchers for books we want, and either money or more value in book exchange vouchers for books we want a lot. So if you have books you have already read you may not need money at all.
 There is always not paying for books at all and we have a library with a children’s book section which all children can join for free. What’s the snag? Library fines. Are you a well organised person? Do you loose things? Do strange marks appear on books when you read them? Do the pages often fall out when you read books? If the answer to any these questions is yes, then either change your ways or pay.
 Of course if you have bought a book and the book has some sort of accident, then this can be less of a problem and it can make for more relaxed reading.
 The big question is. Why would you want to read a book at all? If you didn’t ask it even a little bit, somewhere in your head's attic then you can skip the next bit.

Otherwise there are two questions. Do you like money? And do you like life.

People who read books do better with their education. People with a better education earn more money. People who earn more money usually have a greater life expectancy (live longer).

So think of the poor total stranger who is you in a few years time. 
 I have started expanding the children’s section, this is a long job and a bit like a puzzle, for instance I have to move all of dictionaries in order to make space some books about crime, so I can move the humour books, so there is more space for children’s books next to the rest of the children's books.
 On to the don’t swim in the sea business, the council has issued a warning not to swim in the sea on the beaches between Walpole Bay and Dumpton Gap, this includes: Walpole Bay, Palm Bay, Botany Bay, Kingsgate Bay, Joss Bay, Stone Bay, Viking Bay, Louisa Bay and Dumpton Gap.
 The Australians often have signs by their swimming pools saying. “Don’t pee in our swimming pool and we won’t swim in your toilet.” What seems to have happened here is we peed in our toilets and it has arrived in our sea.
 In some ways this is good news, because up until recently when things went wrong they didn’t tell anyone, now they put up warning signs and I think if something like this happens it is better to tell people.
 I will write a bit more about this later, I know you really know this is because I want to see how much it takes to fill the spaces, but I am pretending I have something interesting to say. 

Back in 2011 what happened here in Thanet when things went badly wrong, was the council and the water company let everyone swim in their toilet. I had a word with the council about this, here it is so you see what reading can do.

It means that if you read a lot you may have some unexpected information up your sleeve, even the water company's engineer's notes.  

The downside here is that the council may not like you very much, so you may wind up trying to run a business opposite the biggest shop in the street and find that on the one hand it belongs to the council. While on the other hand it’s empty and they never ever intend to let it as a shop again.
Now I am going to be politically incorrect here, in fact I am going to be sexist, I am going to suggest first that women do most of the shopping and I am going on to suggest that most women won’t park in the multi story car park.  

Now three of my children and my wife are of the female persuasion and most of the blog readers will be familiar with the pictures that I paint, and put on this blog, while waiting for shopping to occur. I know this sexism may lead to adverse comment so I am covering my back here the best I can.   
However I think I may have the reason why nearly all of the shops in King Street between mine and the town centre are still trading as shops and I think this reason is that it is right next the open air car park which is where most of the women park when they come to Ramsgate.

Now in most of the other towns in this country the councils are doing everything they can to keep shops open, so it may be purely coincidental that they are trying very hard to keep this one closed.

Of course it may be that the reason that nearly all of the shops between mine and the town centre are open is because of the people going past them on the way to buy their books, ok I concede it may be a bit of each.   
Oh no I’ve just realised that I have done something else that will very probably annoy the council, perhaps they will buy another shop in the street and make sure that it is never going to be a shop again.

There isn’t much else they can do, we already have had pretty much every possible on street parking space removed, the wobbly pavements the blocked drains and have been excluded from the town centre policing.

The bottom line here is.

We'll let you swim in our toilet if you don't pee on our council. 

Monday 28 July 2014


Here is the link to the main document for this Thursday’s Thanet Council cabinet meeting to discus Manston airport

The preliminary findings of an independent report (Stage 1) which consider the viability of Manston Airport will be discussed by Cabinet members this week (Thursday 31 July).
The report, commissioned by Thanet District Council and undertaken by aviation industry experts Falcon Consultancy Limited, looks at the past operation of the airport and explores the potential activity needed for it to successfully operate in the future.
At the meeting, Cabinet members will be asked to decide whether they accept the recommendations contained within the report and to share this with the airport’s current owners.
If agreed, Cabinet will then instruct officers to proceed to Stage 2 of the viability assessment to develop a high level Business Plan – which would be necessary to support the Local Plan process and any potential future procurement for an appropriate investor/partner.
The Council would then carry out a market testing exercise to establish the level of interest, in line with the conclusions in the independent report – before starting a full procurement process.
A decision regarding compulsory purchase of the airport will not be made until an Indemnity Partner is identified following the procurement process.
This week’s meeting follows receipt of a petition presented to Full Council on Thursday 10 July calling for the council to CPO the airport.

Also on Thursday the auction.


By order of:
Kent Facilities Limited
due to the closure of Manston Kent’s International Airport

VIEWING: TUESDAY 29th JULY 2014 by prior appointment only.

AT: The Airport, Manston Road, Manston, Ramsgate, Kent, CT12 5BL, England.


JBT Aerotech (FMC) Type 11 Aircraft De-Icer, Cummins 6BTS9C 5.88ltr diesel engine, 6,057ltr de-icing cap, 1,514 ltr Anti-icing fluid cap, 13.6m work height. 193 miles (2010)
ERF 3-axle tractor unit with Artic fuel tanker, 12ltr engine, 40,000ltr tank, 68,171 km, J reg
Sicard runway snow brush / sweeper / blower, towable, Caterpillar V8 engine
Reliance Mercury 3815 tug, diesel engine, automatic gearbox
3x FMW TT4- model diesel tug (80/82), Ford 2.5 TDI diesel engine
Hallam 2WD small aircraft tug, 2,998hrs, s/n Y005
2x Douglas DC12 4 aircraft tug, Leyland 690 engine, Alison gearbox
2x Vialift left hand drive mobile baggage / cargo conveyor, 580mm wide conveyor, Perkins diesel engine
Franke 3 wheel 11 step set safety
Franke 3 wheel 7 step set of aircraft steps
Towable 12 step aircraft steps 4 wheel with 2 screw jacks
Owen Holland TPS 3053 white towable aircraft boarding steps, hydraulic manual pump (2007)
Edghill type 480-1 yellow wide body boarding steps, towable with electric hydraulic pack, s/n 525012 (1984)
Edghill type 407-1 orange / grey towable boarding steps, manual hydraulic pump, swl 17 persons (1979)
Edghill wide bodied blue / white boarding steps, electric hydraulic pack
Bedford Turbo TL750 lorry with driveable steps, hydraulic lift & feet unit, 4,030 miles
Houchin 690 towable GPU, 90kva, Cummins 6BDT engine, 13,025hrs
Houchin 690 ground power unit, 90kva, 49,290hrs
Houchin 690 ground power unit, 90kva, 24,744hrs
2x Garrett GTCE85-15 enclosed pneumatic power gas turbine engine aircraft starter
Ford Cargo 0813 toilet waste 2-axle rigid lorry, 1,500ltr capacity, 87900km
Ford Iveco Cargo 0813 drinking water 2-axle rigid lorry, 1,800ltr capacity, 135955km
Leyland 160 Turbocharged fuel tanker
Bedford 4 ton Cargo flat bed truck with front mounted hydraulic snow plough, 2 axle, 4 wheel drive
HydroTow B747-L towbar, s/n 9787025 (2012)
Hydro Towmulti – 3 towbar, s/n 9750860 (2010)
Frank Brown FB70-025-747 towbar, s/n 2021484 (2002)
Hydro Towmulti - 3 towbar, s/n 9750860 (2010)
Hydro AS1332SB02A towbar, s/n 70000103 (1996)
Qty towable Owen Holland / Airgate / Bombeli / TEMG mobile cargo dollies with rollers
Denge WC02portable drinking water cart with Robin engine pump, s/n 01 (1999)
Denge portable toilet cart with built in Robin engine pump, twin tank (1999)
5x twin wheel towable baggage trailers
Ford Transit Crewbus, 8 seater, 2.5TDi, 184,300km, P reg
Iveco Turbo Daily 45-10 van, 137,600km, Priestman roof mounted powered access
Maxilift, 200kg SWL, hydraulic levelling legs, R reg
Landrover 4x4 Defender, white, 227,855 miles, manual (2004)
Landrover Freelander, TD4, manual, silver, 131,278 miles (2004)
Landrover TDI 4x4 Defender, red / white, 134,621 miles, N reg
Mitsubishi L200 runway vehicle, 55,850 miles, roof bars, amber lights, bird scarer, tow bar, 08reg
VW Transporter T30 TDI 8 seater people carrier, 104HP, 103,522 miles, taxed & MOT (2005)
Ford Transit Connect T220 van, white, 5 speed manual, tow bar, orange beacon 37,197 miles, 03 Reg
Everall towable sprayer inc: lighting with extending arms & Kawasaki 11.5hp petrol engine twin pump drive
Schmidt ASPSAW 1400kg max weight sprayer (2000)
Renault 103-54 4WD tractor, G reg
John Deere X540 multi terrain ride-on mini tractor mower, petrol, 54” cutter deck, deck level gauge, 494hrs
Schmidt 3.1 single stage tractor mounted snow blower with equipment (fully refurbished 2013)
Albutt Eurohook adjustable height plough, 10mph max speed, s/n 33601 (2011)
Albutt 3 point link adjustable height plough, 10mph max speed, s/n 33602 (2011)
Trident 2 wheel trailer 42” x 81” long, 750kg weight load
Lyton Commercial ltd twin axle box trailer, 750kg net 1400kg gross weight, with crown shutter rear door
Edwards 2000kg twin axle trailer 1.7m x 3.2m
Graco twin gun line marking machine, Honda GX120 engine, 3300PSi, 228 bar with accessories
4 wheeled towable nitrogen cylinder bottle trailer
Towable diesel bowser, 2,000ltr cap, s/n 5122 (2008)
Towaway double axle box trailer, s/n SDHT4PV17
Qty Airgate, Owen Holland towable cargo dollies with rollers, 7000kg SWL, 120x96" platform
Qty Temg TG-0020 towable twin axle steel cargo dollies, 120x96" platform (2000)
Qty various colour Metalite Aviation Lighting battery portable combined omni-direction runway & taxi edgeways lights with charger (2006)


Carmichael Cobra 2 6x6 rigid diesel fire tender, Detroit V8 12.1ltr engine, 585BHP, 11,285 water & 1493ltr foam tank, W reg
Carmichael Cobra 1 6x6 rigid diesel fire tender, Detroit 8v92TA engine, 710BHP, 11,500ltr water & 1,600ltr foam tank, L reg
Dennis Sabre 2 axle rigid body fire tender, Cummins C260 Euro2 6 cylinder 8.3ltr diesel engine, 1800ltr water tank, P Reg complete with: 6x 70mm dia hoses, 4x stretchers, Defender 110 / 240v generator, Godiva GP1600 light weight portable pump, 50x body bags, inflatable air shelter, various First Aid equipment, triple short extension ladder, 13.5m triple extension ladder & harness
Hamworth V18H-AL breathing apparatus compressor, 220bar max pressure, 13.6m3/hr per hose max flow, 4 way outlet manifold, 279hrs (1999)
Godiva GP1600 portable light weight fire pump on single axle MOD LPP towable trailer with lights & storage, 8 bar, 1600ltr /min capacity
4x Parmatic Betex DG100/60 vehicle exhaust extraction system, electromagnetic coupling, automatic un-coupling etc
Qty various fire equipment inc: torches, hammers, crow bars, bolt croppers, Angus Hi Combat 312 branch, twin spindle stand pipe with key & bar, aluminium 100mm diameter suction strainer
Qty fire breathing apparatus / equipment, Ruthlee 30kg rescue dummy, Qty Angus Duraline lay flat 45mm & 70mm dia hoses
Le Maitre Minimist Turbo portable smoke machine
Qty Sabre ProPak & Contour back plates (to 2004)
Qty Scott 207bar composite breathing air cylinders (2028 end of life)
Qty Sabre Safety panaseal positive pressure face masks in bags
Qty various First Aid equipment inc: stretchers, 2x Entonox cylinders, fire blankets, dressings, First Aid kits etc
Weber Rescue kit inc: E400 power unit, RZ T2-750 telescopic ram, S50 mini cutter, EAF20 hose reel, DPH3215 hand pump, ram extension, SPS330A combi-tool, 2x ENZ 12/17 energy packs (calibrated until Nov2014)


Doosan D103S-5 diesel forklift truck, 13,000kg capacity, 3,431hrs, s/n LN-00112 (2007)
2x Doosan D110S-5 diesel forklift truck, 11,000kg capacity, all terrain tyres, s/n LL-00147 & s/n LL-00146(2007)
Caterpillar V225B diesel forklift truck, 10,000kg capacity, 14,886hrs, s/n 85YZ497 (1985)
Doosan 645SC-5 gas forklift truck, 4,500kg capacity, 2176hrs, s/n N8-00114 (2007)
4x Doosan G25P-5 gas forklift trucks, 2,500kg capacity (2007)
Yale diesel forklift truck, 3,650lb capacity, 2,194hrs, s/n Y382383
FMC Commander 30 container / pallet Loader, 30,000lbs capacity, s/n CR3000049 (2000)
FMC Commander 15i container / pallet loader, 15,000lbs capacity, s/n CR15T04078 (2004)
FMC Commander MDL main deck container / pallet loader, 40,000lbs capacity, s/n H1740009 (1979)


Cummins QSX15-G8 550kva fully enclosed standby generator, Power Command 2100 control, 90.2hrs (2007)
Puma Power Plant Control AR5005 500kva fully enclosed standby generator, Scania DC1457 engine
4x Cummins C350D5 350kva fully enclosed standby generators, Power Command 2100 control (2007)
2x Cummins C275D5 275kva fully enclosed standby generator, Power Command HMI211 control, s/n HO7KADW390, 96.1hrs & s/n KO7KAGZ550, 67.1hrs (2007)


10,300 ltr bunded oil tank, Metcraft tanks, 8800ltr 35 gasoil red, Cube dispense meter unit & hose / gun(2003)
40ft metal container with contents inc: various spill containment and chlorine material, sausage socks, granules, drain mats, pillows, rolls of absorbent, spill mattress, plastic shovels etc
Section 5 fire arms rated 10x8ft blue steel secure container, twin door, wooden lined
20x8ft white steel refrigerated secure container, twin door
6 drums airfield lighting cable
37x Metalite aviation lighting, corel light & 2 charger units
2x rubber wheel chocks
Qty various cone & border plastic barriers
Ohaus Defender 3000 XtremeW digital platform scales, 60kg x 0.02kg capacity (2013)
Ohaus 5000 Series Extreme 8ft x 11ft Platform scales, 15,000 kg cap with readout & Samsung printer
Ian Fellows LUCID digital platform scales, 40,000kg x 20kg division capacity, 3500x2500mm platform
4x Contact FMTH BP1300KG forkable towbar attachment, 3000kg SWL (2013)
HPC Plusair AirTower SM11 screw compressor, 7.5kW, 10 bar with Sigma control & floor mounted air receiver, 725 load hours (1999)
Craftsman 919.157252 5HP compressor on 20 gallon air receiver
Koni model KO 2050 type 357432 car lift, 2,500 kg capacity, s/n D20202 (1990)
AE HQ-400 lathe / drill multipurpose machine, 375-1600rpm, s/n 871367 (1987)
Karcher RM110 diesel steam cleaner, 240v (2004)
Karcher BD 530Bat pedestrian floor cleaner
Qty Thorn, ATG, Tamlite etc high intensity runway approach lights, transformers, runway guide lights, ground taxi way lights, stop bar lights, bases etc
Qty workshop & maintenance equipment inc: heavy duty car / van jacks, battery chargers, stands, pallet trucks, welders & starters, garage press, compressors, torque wrenches, power tools, stores & consumables
Qty electrical / IT equipment inc: UPS, printers, scanners, PC’s, projectors, microphones, speakers, oscilloscopes, full boarding pass system etc


Smiths ION HS604OI x-ray detection machine, control monitor & feed rollers, s/n 28766 (2003)
2x Smiths ION HS755I x-ray detection machine, control monitor & feed rollers, s/n 23710 (2002)
3x Rapiscan meter 300 EMD, 800mm wide walk through metal detector (Oct 2010)
Rapiscan 632XR conveyor feed baggage scanner (2008)
Smiths Heimann HS10080EDS through feed baggage scanners complete with 2x monitoring stations, Logan 1000mm wide powered conveyor, rejection & unload stations, 14 x 5m approx footprint, s/n 28681 (2003)
Nuctech LS1516BA x-ray liquid security inspection system & accessories (2013)
6x satin finish pedestal security barriers
4x mobile wooden security screens
6x check-in desks with Procon digital weight readouts & powered luggage conveyor system with Smiths through feed x-ray machine
Burk CH804 wall mounted LED digital calendar clock
Logan Fenemec stainless steel 'T' shape baggage arrival conveyor, 800mm wide rubber belt


Qty grey / green metal framed departure seats (2 & 3 seat with table area)
Qty metal frame blue upholstered departure seating, 3 & 4 seats
Chrome based wooden top tables, metal lockers, mobile projector screens
V-fit model A2 exercise bike, PowerSport multigym, Impex Mary Smith Plus MDVBSMP multigym, Rucanor punch bag, Title Platinum body punch bag & Qty various boxing gloves / pads etc
Vvarious potted plants, Samsung television 40” flat screen
Contents of duty free shop inc: perfume, after shave, body lotion, cosmetic travel packs, games, books, travel items, USB chargers, white plastic stacking chairs, display cabinets, modular mirrored shelving, display counters, 2x Dici PO cash registers with screen Metro Logic scanner
Contents of Café & Bar area inc: Qty blue upholstered / satin finish metal frame pedestal bar stools, green plastic & chrome frame stacking chairs, 800mm dia pedestal tables, Beko TLDAS215 silver tall freestanding fridge, Indesit K301E s/s free standing electric oven etc



Control Tower / Airfield Lighting & Navigational Aids inc: communication control system, ground receivers, master clock, information management system (2008), telephone system, met wind systems & barometer, glide path, non-directional beacon, aviation localiser, constant current regulator, UPS, ILS etc.
Complete Chiller Facility, Portable Buildings, Sub Stations, Security Equipment inc: CCTV, swipe systems, digital radios
Fuel Farm inc: water separator, microfilter, Qty pipe sections, valves & tanks, foul water separator, tank quantity monitor & leak detector, bunded plastic storage tank. pumps etc

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