Wednesday 31 July 2019

Archive photos, today's photos, photos of today's books and a go at a ramble.

The good news is Ramsgate Maritime Museum is open again.

The info poster is in this evening's photos 

Another busy bookshop day, some local history in the books we put out


Tuesday 30 July 2019

Old Ramsgate and Margate photos, Paper Capers at Nice Things, bit of a ramble. recent photos

I'm doing my best to get something up on this blog today, I'm busy at work (Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate) customers and making more bookcases, busy at home, children on holiday.

Link to the photos for the last couple of days

Lots of local history related stuff in various inboxes, best send me a reminder if you think you should have heard from me.

Bookshop books wise two batches of books since I last posted here are the links

link 1    link 2

 I imagine that a lot of how busy we are is due to BREXIT affecting the value of the pound
It is a very good time for foreign holiday makers to shop in the uk and outright disaster in terms of what you get for the pound if you are going abroad. 

If you go to the bank to get your money changed for your holiday today it's pretty bad. Just over a Euro for a Pound.

 The photos of the Paper Capers exhibition at Nice Things Harbour Street Ramsgate are with the rest, click on the link above.

 This photo is Margate 1913

Sunday 28 July 2019

Thanet Carnivals and a bit of a ramble.

This photo is of Ramsgate Carnival in 1968

The way the day panned it wasn't possible for me to get to the carnival today so a bit about past carnivals instead.
These two of Ramsgate Regatta I think the top one is around 1900
This one is one of the many photos on the Seas website
 These of the Floral Fete in the earl 1900s

Our carnival probably developed from events like these, England before WW1 is very difficult to reconstruct as everyone I spoke to about it had been through both world wars and mostly seemed to look back on the wars with more interest, liking and enthusiasm than the peace.

As far as I can see carnivals in the modern sense seem to date from the 1930s, I think if there were carnivals here before WW1 they would figure in local guides and photos. Earliest seem to be Ramsgate regatta, the card is postmarked 1906 and Ramsgate Floral Fete 1905 where there are floats but no mention of carnival The SEAS Ramsgate water gala photo seems to predate the carnival photo looks to be pre 1930, becomes called Ramsgate Water Carnival and this may have developed into the carnival around 1930
This is Ramsgate Carnival Queen in 1938.

A difficulty here is that when people write things down the meaning can change, or the reader can misunderstand the intention.

With today's technology there are different types of communication breakdown issues.

For instance I deleted this comment before publishing it last week, you can't retrieve deleted comments on blogger and I assumed it was malicious or spam related.

"Plumberjohn100 has left a new comment on your post "Ramsgate sketch, harbour walk photos, Margate and ...":

I had a brother in law who was a toilet on invicta before that Air Ferry at Manston"

Only later did I realise that toilet was probably what predictive text did to a typo or spelling mistake writing pilot.

Margate Carnival next

Work wise I have been fairly busy, Michael's Bookshop where I work here in Ramsgate is increasingly becoming the most viable of the bookshop in the area. I suppose even in terms of shops in general, outside of the essentials like food and clothes the bookshop is becoming something of a destination by default.

I've just read out MP's roundup on The Isle of Thanet News
here is the link to the article
what seems to missing is the thorny problem that the country and the MPs are divided over the BREXIT issue and that this needs some sort of resolution.

I think the Boris plan is to leave the decision much more in the hands of a no confidence in him or his government, than come up with serious solutions to unite the country.

In terms both of the people who voted in the referendum who are still alive (this link takes you to one of the many news articles explaining this) and recent polls another link the country seems to be marginally Remain.

It's very difficult to see how making a major constitutional change, in this case leaving the EU, against what appears to be the will of a narrow majority, is going to be better than staying against the will of a narrow minority.

Once again I'm sorry I just haven't had a chance to get out with the camera today so apologies all round.