Friday 31 July 2020

mystery photos, Granville Tower 60s photos, answers

 1 Which Thanet church

 2 Where in Thanet

 3 where in Thanet

 4 this map is doing the Thanet Facebook rounds at the moment but what does it show?

Ramsgate today so about averagely busy for the time of year, so what are the changes from the good old days? Not much really, in the 60s it was a bit rougher and raunchier. The main seafront bar then was The Long Bar, which when I did bar work - after work and school holidays in the late 60s and early 70s had a stripper who changed every half an hour. Now the main seafront bar is Wetherspoons which is mostly families. The Pav itself was much more active in the evenings, live band or organist and a lot more civilised. The sands too, a lot less sunbathers and a lot more family groups, but yes very much the same, I think Ramsgate's main issue from about 65 was that a package holiday in Spain was much cheaper and better value. Even now the minimum wage in Spain is about two thirds of what it is in the UK and very few in the hospitality business get what we would call a living wage. From 65 on the net result of all this was our tourists were what were left over, mainly unable to get themselves organised enough. I ran our guesthouse in Augusta Road for a couple of summer seasons, 40 people crammed into family rooms with a sink, 2 toilets without washbasins in the whole building and no access to a bath.

Yesterday's answer, the photo was take in the 1960s from Granville Tower and came from David Fagg, so many thanks to him and here are the rest of them too.

If you are having difficulties lining things up

here is a link to some I took from up there more recently

Thursday 30 July 2020

mystery photo,answers, ramble.

Do you know where in Thanet this is and where the photo was taken from?

I have been tentatively thinking about the Manston Airfreight Hub and whether to make a contribution to funding the judicial review. My stance with this type of local fund raising is that it's generally best for the community if I put my money into local history publications and providing a bookshop fo Thanet.

I think the airfreight hub functioning at the level they intend would mean we would have to move to a different town, I don't think frequent noisy air freighters low overhead would work with the bookshop.

So any thoughts on this one gratefully appreciated.

At the moment the bookshop remains closed and will do so until we can safely make house calls and go through people's cars to look at the books they want to sell.

Yesterday's answer
   King George VI park Ramsgate

Large number of birds in the harbour this evening so a lot of photos to try and create an animation. Do feel free to download them and have a go yourself.

link to this evening's photos

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Which Thanet Park

This is from the photos I took today. So which Thanet park

next the last lot of answers
 on the sundec of The Royal Victoria Pavilion aka Spoons Ramsgate

 Moses Shipyard, Where port Ramsgate is now you can also see what is now Churchill's on the Paragon Ramsgate

 Bottom of Margate High St

 Back of of The Royal Victoria Pavilion aka Spoons Ramsgate

Churchill's on the Paragon Ramsgate

Here is the link to the Rest of Today's photos 

Hand held zoom photography is a bit hit and miss but interesting views of Ramsgate from Deal today

Sunday 26 July 2020

mystery photos, answers to Friday's and today's photos

 Q1 where in thanet

 Q2 where in thanet

 Q3 where in thanet

 Q4 where in thanet

Q5 where in thanet

answers to the last lot
 Inside the Royal Victoria Pavilion aka Wetherspoons Ramsgate

Air Ferry were the first civil aviation operator at Manston they started in the 1960s, I think all the operators there went bust apart from the last one which was a huge company. 

Air Ferry hat two accidents which helped to finish them off, 

On 21 January 1967 a Douglas C-54 Skymaster registered G-ASOG operating a cargo flight from Manchester to Frankfurt in Germany struck trees while executing a night-time approach, resulting in the death of both crew members.

On 3 June 1967 a Douglas C-54A Skymaster registered G-APYK operating a non-scheduled passenger flight from Manston to Perpignan in France struck the Canigou mountain at 4,000 feet while in the descent, killing all 88 occupants (five crew and 83 passengers). Cause of the accident was determined to be carbon monoxide poisoning of the flight crew due to a faulty cabin heater.

on to photos Sandwich Bay Estate today, not strictly Thanet but mostly views of Ramsgate from off the IOT