Friday 30 July 2021

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 these next 2 won't expand much 

but interested me

Next a selection from my photos for

the last week

Changed sketch pad today, so here is what's in the old one

+ the loose sheets

Very much been a painting and drawing week mostly sitting on the sun deck of wetherspoons.

We did venture into Canterbury for a bit as you can see from the photos. Now we are both fully vaccinated we are taking a more relaxed approach to going out. However with all the conflicting information Boris Johnson's plan which seems to be 200 day dying by mid August we are still remaining pretty cautious.

I was going to to open the bookshop in August but at the moment I think this is unlikely mainly because of the relaxation of the compulsory mask rule. 

As any of you who use it will know no the bookshop is basically lot of very narrow passageways.

Second-hand book shops always attract people with an unusual mindset and where is I'm absolutely happy dealing with the Australian contingent of the flat earth society frankly I just don't fancy trying to regulate entrance to the bookshop in a way that would make it safe for our customers so we remain shut unless anyone has a fantastic idea.

As I said before such blogging as I am doing is happening very quickly and the written text it's done entirely by voice recognition so it's a bit peculiar to read and I may sort it out later. 

Apologies for my minimal interaction with the internet recently. I have had a lot of other things to do.