Wednesday 28 June 2023

Fragments of History, Ramsgate by C T Richardson, sample pages, Victorian Margate guide sample pages, painting of A. S. Byatt and some old photos of Ramsgate and Margate

 Starting with the old Ramsgate photos

Note Ramsgate fishing smacks putting out to sea

Fishing smack in the harbour
note the bucket dredger "Hope"

This next bit is about my 226th Thanet local history publication, Fragments of History, Ramsgate by C T Richardson. This was the first history book just about Ramsgate, first published in 1885.  

My notes say; Fragments of History Pertaining to the Vill, or Wille, or Liberty of Ramsgate by Richardson, Christopher Thomas (Ed.). A5 size staple-bound booklet £8.99. Reprint of the Fuller & Co. 1885 edition, 215pp + ads. A history of Ramsgate based on a series of talks. From Saxon and Roman remains, and earlier tools, found on the Westcliff; how it was deemed a tributary of the Cinque Ports in 1483; the development of the piers, foying and hovelling; natural history of the place, the cornfields, drainage; the political changes as Ramsgate grew in independence from St Laurence and Sandwich; levelling the land and building of St George's Church, bathing houses, Jacob's Ladder, the Railway Station, and The Market; the Napoleonic Wars and the many troops stationed in the town; The Dutchess of Kent, Princess Victoria, Moses Montefiore, and Lady Augustus Murray; The Coast Guard and vessels of Ramsgate; the gas works, street lighting, and paving of the streets. Interspersed with general history of what was happening in Britain. The book ends with a chronological list of events, lists of Vessels belonging to Ramsgate in 1626, a list of Sea-faring men in 1623, a list of tradesmen in 1802, and a list of masters of ships 1750-54.

What makes this book most interesting are the anecdotal tales included in the text, such as the rival surgeons, the "Bloodless Battle of Harbour Street", how Artillery Hill got its name, how the Eagle Inn got its name, and what is buried under the obelisk.

Next some sample pages from the book.

Obviously if you are local you can come to Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate and give it a further browse Click here for opening times 

You can also buy it online here is the link to the buy it now thingy 

I'm afraid Margate doesn't have a Victorian history book dedicated to the town's history, so by way of compensation some sample pages from a Victorian holiday guide to Margate, 1866 All About Margate and Herne Bay  

Once again I recommend coming to Michael's Bookshop here in Ramsgate and giving the book a thorough browse, however if you can't here is the link to the buy it now thingy so we can post you a copy.  

Next a few old Margate pictures 

Margate Harbour 1857

Once again sorry for not posting a blog for a while, I have been too busy here at work in Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate.

Next a watercolour painting of the author A. S. Byatt who I have been reading.

Friday 16 June 2023

Ramsgate and Margate Boats in Harbour and a short Ramble from the bookshop

 The first four pictures of Ramsgate harbour and I think they all date from the late 1800s

The next four pictures are of Margate harbour also I think dating from the late 1800s

Next a bit of a ramble from me here at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate.

We are in something of a heat wave here in Ramsgate, this makes business in the bookshop somewhat patchy, quiet periods followed by furiously busy periods.

We did price a few books today, here is the link to the pictures of them

Local history books are selling fairly well at the moment, I think this is probably because we have produced several new titles recently rather than any impact caused by the heat wave.

Some pictures of Ramsgate main sands from Wetherspoons 

On the art front I have been trying a few different styles, hopefully I shall become the new Picasso or Salvador Dali. 

Friday 9 June 2023

A few old Ramsgate and Margate photos and a ramble from Michael's Bookshop


Work today, link to the books we put out for sale at Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate quite a few Thanet local history ones, which is encouraging.

 I shared this one with various Facebook art groups and what surprised at the amount of scam comments I got, do be careful social media is getting nastier.