Thursday 24 February 2022

Click to enlarge pictures for the dating game, bit of a ramble

Can you date any of these Thanet postcards? I've given them numbers where there's been anything useful on the back, I've given the back of the card the same number.










The pictures should expand to really quite a large size and that should help with the dating too.

I was out and about yesterday

I'm trying to learn how to take telephoto macro pictures. As you see the distance in focus is very narrow something photographers called the depth of field.

The springblooms are Canterbury.

I'm painting a watercolor sketch mouse mornings before I get up, here are the last two.

After Balthus and Tenniel watercolour

After lady Godiva painted by John collier in 1898.

Coventry the destruction of the cathedral, the aftermath of the second world war amongst the adults surrounding me, being sent to Coventry, lady Godiva, the newly constructed M1 motorway, going to Coventry to see the new cathedral. This is all tangled in my childhood memories with the painting that I have based today's watercolour on. Comments critical aesthetic and technical are welcome, so what do you think? If you can see the gold in the photos, it's gold watercolour, I think it must have particles of some sort of metal in it probably Ronnie Barker's gold. Perhaps i should call it Don't Stop Me Now.

The Canterbury mission apart from buying a few books for the bookshop which hopefully will be open at Easter, what about buying some expensive coloured pencils.
The art shop in Canterbury now the only one left is Chromos, it's mostly staffed by art students and they're pretty good about you trying stuff out.
Faber Castell polychromos colouring pencils are about £2 each and I wound up buying 10 not many pencils for £20. I also tried out permanent rose watercolor it was a bit too strong for me and I got a bit red.
Anyway I managed to match some of the colours that I have in watercolour in ordinary colouring pencils which is very useful for making visual notes and my sketchbook when I haven't got time too open up my watercolour palette

Tuesday 22 February 2022

22.2.22 Old Thanet and today's Ramsgate Photos Click to expand


York Gate Broadstairs in the early 1900s
Margate Droit House a 1912 this is before it was destroyed in the second world war and subsequently rebuilt

Warwick Road in Cliftonville probably early 1960s or late 1950s
Butlin's swimming pool in Margate Cliftonville postmark says 1960

Ramsgate harbour sometime in the early 1900s I will guess from the dresses it's probably 1920s
Madeira Road waterfall in Ramsgate postmark 1906 as you see the bridge has rustic rails these were subsequently replaced with stone

Another Margate Butlins one

Putting things up in very high definition, the internet doesn't like this very much.

This is today's watercolour sketch with a series of progress pictures.

Ranting about the internet I should say that I waste so much time now handling images that people have put up in a way that makes it very difficult to save them and expand them for painting from my mobile phone. 

Hopefully you should find all of the images I put up should expand to a decent size when you tap on them and if you save them they should save in the ordinary way so you can find them expand and play with them whatever you want to do.