Wednesday 15 February 2023

Valentine's Day at the royal Victoria pavilion and banksy in Margate


This is my large ongoing watercolour painting from one of the seats in the Royal Victoria Pavilion. I haven't done much to it for quite a while but yesterday evening I had it with me and found myself sitting in the right seat to paint a bit more.

A couple of pictures of the inside of the pavilion taken in 1903

Below are the links for the pictures I took inside the pavilion in 2010 before it had the wetherspoons treatment

I guess everyone in Thanet watched the news of the Banksy painting in Margate unfolding yesterday. 

Michael's bookshop in Ramsgate which is where I work is closed on Tuesdays so we thought we would pop over to Margate and take some photos of the Banksy while it was still there.

By the time we got there are the council had removed quite a large chunk of it so like many other things related to the council it didn't make sense anymore.

I think I was more taken by the paintings being painted by an artist called Pete who was recording this artistic event unfolding.

Workwise I have been fairly busy with Michael's Bookshop where I work in Ramsgate, so not much internet activity, here is the link to the books we put out today  ironically we bought the book about banksy in Margate yesterday.