Saturday, 21 September 2019

New Ramsgate Shops and some local art exhibitions, with the inevitable local history content

This is York Street Gallery Ramsgate

Next an unknown shop probably in Margate around 1880

Next the nw modeling shop and cafe in King Street Ramsgate

Next shopping in Ramsgate in 1903
You may be asked or ask questions later.

Next the Italian restaurant that moved from this shop in King Street Ramsgate to Harbour Street Ramsgate has reopened the king Street premises as and Italian takeaway

Next  Nice Things Harbour Street Ramsgate, a new exhibition

Next the employment agency has relocated from Queen Street in Ramsgate to York Street in Ramsgate.

This all came from a lunchtime walk today and here is the link to all of the of the photos I took

Next Lilford Gallery in Canterbury

which has pictures you wouldn't perhaps expect

 Along with those you would

A steady day here at Michael's Bookshop where I work in Ramsgate. I am just building up to measuring up for the wood order for extra shelves in the psychology and art sections.

well you know how it is when someone shows you a local book the first thing you think is can I copy it with my phone.

just mainly this is about testing out my new phone this one's pretty good.

not so much the voice recognition and mind you I put this down to other members of the family using voice recognition on my phone so it doesn't really know who I am.