Monday, 18 November 2019

Mystery photo click on it to expand, Ramsgate Hospital Tunnel Entrance some photos of Queen Street Ramsgate today

Do you know where in Thanet this is?

You can see the entrance to Ramsgate Tunnels (with the rails round it in the background) this was the entrance near Ramsgate Hospital the event is the visit of Princess Margaret

Photos of Queen Street Ramsgate tonight 

Photos of Queen Street Ramsgate Today

Link to the photos of the books we put out in the bookshop today

Saturday, 16 November 2019

A picture mystery and some history, art exhibition in Ramsgate, a couple of Victorian Broadstairs photos

The picture above was the first picture to be bought by the local council for the proposed new art gallery in Margate.

The question is when did the council buy it? Or another way of looking at this is; having decided to build an art gallery in Margate, how long did it take until Turner Contemporary opened?

Other questions like. What does the picture show? Who painted it? When was it painted? They are up to you to answer. The answers appear further down this blog post and of course Auntie Google knows everything.

Next the new art exhibition in Ramsgate, Matthew Dunn and Stevie Wigg at Nice Things Harbour Street Ramsgate

A few new nice things in Nice Things

Still in Harbour Street
Trade Station has closed, part of the town centre shopping problem.

A couple of Victorian Broadstairs photos next
 My Broadstairs history leaves a lot to be desired, I am guessing the date at around 1890 and hope to be corrected with something more accurate.
I was out painting at Wetherspoons in Ramsgate yesterday evening

next a Ramsgate oil painting spot the difference
 Same artist so what's what?

Here at Michael's Bookshop, where I work in Ramsgate I have been expanding the science fiction section.

The answer to yesterday's mystery picture was; The Western Undercliff Cafe, more photos of there then follow


link to the books we put out today

Next one very experimental vlog about an 1895 Ramsgate guide

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Mystery picture, yesterday's solution, historic pictures, my day buying books and a bit of painting in Folkestone, well you know what to expect.

Do you recognise this Thanet cafe, the photo was taken ten years ago.  25.07.09 Pony, file ref

The next few photos are of the 1949 Viking invasion of Broadstairs

My day off, wosisname, well, it was pouring with rain, so we got into the car and headed for Marrin's bookshop in Folkestone, very close to a large indoor car park - meaning that armed with an an umbrella, we could start in the dry.

Here is a link to their website

This bookshop has been open since 1946, has a stock of collectable books, mostly priced between about £10 and about £5,000, very much a destination for book collectors.

We bought a few books there and then headed of to the Oxfam Bookshop, but got diverted to Chocolate Cafe, where I painted a bit over lunch.
 Most of the rain and sleet happened while this was going on so we didn't get wet
 The watercolour painting from there is progressing slowly.
 We did Books and toys which has a good range of popular fiction paperbacks, price around £2.
 The answer to yesterday's mystery photo is both simple and complicated, the simple answer is the fire escape to the Granville Theatre, this is the link to the complicated local history answer