Tuesday, 8 September 2020

blogger goes bonkers

Some Ramsgate 2010And some from now but mostly me trying to work out how to handle the current changes both Facebook and Blogger, these changes make posting anything to the Internet much more difficult anyway click on the link and see what you think https://michaelsbookshop.com/92020/id3.htm

Sunday, 6 September 2020

Pleasurama Development Progress Photos and history photos

Once again sorry for not posting much on the blog recently, I have a lot of other stuff to do at the moment but will try to do more posts.


These are the naval guns that weakened the chalk up the Augusta stairs end of the cliff
This is the 1957 cliff collapse there

this is the roundabout there being laid in 2011 loose cobbles on sand, which may be an issue in a big storm.

A good site for seaside amusements and a shame we have lost it to luxury flats.

The cliff behind the site is around 20 metres high or about 65 feet, the cliff top slopes down a bit towards the lift end and up a bit towards Augusta stairs.

I have had various concerns about this development since the plans were passed under the TDC Ezekiel administration, I think mainly because of the lack of any consultation of any window to object to any aspect so the plans. 

one big issue for me is the height compared to the height of the cliff. there are 5 stories and obviously less than 13 feet or 4 metres for each floor, including the structure of the floor itself and any plumbing an wiring under the floor or in the ceiling. 

This is a detail, from the elevation sheet, of the bit up Augusta Stairs end where they have got two stories built up.
This is the whole elevation sheet from the most up to date plans on the council's planning website.

so two floors up and another three to go - will it fit in?

Anyway out for my lunchtime walk today I took a lot of photos of the development going up for future historical record and I have to say I did wonder. The photos are a bit repetitive but if any of them interests you the should expand if you click on them.

Saturday, 22 August 2020

A few old local photos and a short ramble


Just by way of an update here I haven't been posting because two of my children have just completed their A-level year at Chatham and Clarendon here in Ramsgate, so one set of results followed by another set of results has made things complicated. Added to this are restrictions related to the current coronavirus pandemic.


There are a great many online forms to fill out a great deal of things check and I honestly don't think I will be posting much until they go off to university in three weeks time.


The bookshop remains closed until we feel we can operate safely, the most difficult aspect of this is viewing and buying people’s books.



Tuesday, 4 August 2020

Click to enlarge where is it in Thanet

 qi where in Thanet

 q2 this group of photos are all of the same cafe in Thanet, where was it?

yesterdays answers
The tug  Vincia AKA Chub. If ever a tug ought to be known in Thanet it's the Vincia AKA Chub launched in 1909 biult for Watkins in 1914 she was requisitioned by the royal navy for the downs patrol and was stationed in Ramsgate during WWI she went back to Watkins and was requisitioned again as a downs patrol vessel in 1939 she crossed the Dunkirk towing 3 lifeboats landed 24 evacuees Margate then 180 took men from the sinking HMS Keith she was return to Watkins in 1941

The church Holy Trinity Margate destroyed in WW2

Monday, 3 August 2020

one mystery church and one mystery tug and some Ramsgate photos from 10 years ago

 Q1 Which Thanet Church

Q2 Which Thanet Tug

next photo from 10 ears ago

Ramsgate photos August 2nd 2020

I have been working hard as the four people who work part time in the bookshop have been coming in doing improvements for when we can reopen.

I put it to all of them. "Do you want stay furloughed or come in painting, making book shelve and so on? " Of course we can't open until we can buy books and as buying books means, sorting through piles of them in people's cars and houses, we just aren't allowed to.

Configuring two different bubbles, one for the bookshop and one for our flat above, proved to be more difficult than I had anticipated.

So no walk and no photos from today.

next yesterday's answers
 Bucket dredger "Hope"

 Hollyoaks Cycles King Street Ramsgate

Holy Trinity Broadstairs