Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Ramsgate and Margate pictures

 A fairly large batch of photos today, this is mostly based on thinking I had posted most of them before and fairly recently and I hope there is something here you haven't seen before.

 I thing this is inside Lewis and Hyland

A busy day at work in the bookshop again, for the dedicated followers

link to photos of the books we put out today

Monday, 18 February 2019

Click on the picture and Bygone Kent Magazine

 Feeling a bit lazy today, so I have just taken some photos of a few random postcards that I have probably used before. The first one is Ramsgate Sands with the pier in the background, the entrance to the railway tunnel visible, although the colourist has done something strange in the tunnel and changed hitory a bit.
 This one was probably taken from one of the upstairs windows of Albion House in about 1910, you can see the dereliction behind the old Queens Head

 This one posted during WW1 and presumably showing prewar Margate, a bit of a window into a past that is difficult to relate to. A postcard to Dear Sir at Accounts IV War Office, difficult to relate to?

 August 1914 and as you can see from the text, ripping in Palm Bay

 In this one from 1905, Ethel seems to want china babies brought to Broadstairs 

The rest didn't say anything on the back.

Here in Michael's Bookshop Ramsgate where I work, we have just topped up the Bygone Kent main series magazines.
The rest of the pictures of the ones that went out today are on the bookshop's blog

Here is the link

Price wise these fluctuate a bit, the newer ones, after Meresborough stopped publishing them are generally more expensive as they are harder to get, although not necessarily better. At the moment we are selling the main series ones at 99p each to walk in customers, so reasonably good value for reasonably well researched and edited local history.

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Grove Ferry Revisited

I published a photo of Grove Ferry in 1951 the other day and as a result of the post I got another two photos, so I went there today to try and mach them up for a then and now

 There really isn't much left to match up to

 This is the 1939 OS map so I was in the right place inasmuch as the ferry is where the bridge is now and the ferry and station buildings were then
Chatted to a pig there and so on, here is the link to the pictures on the camera card I will go through and delete some if I get time, I visited there in April 2010 and took some pictures here are the links to them link1  link2 link3

We ate a snack lunch at the Grove Ferry Inn, tomato soup for 2 and a pot of tea for 2 £12.50, homemade soup which was very good and a reasonable pot of tea.
The inn was full of diners having variation on Sunday lunch which they all appeared to be enjoying, I have pretty much given up on TripAdvisor reviews which seem to be loaded but here is the link I find the Google reviews much more realistic

I sketched a bit
Played with my phone

For the dedicated bookshop followers

The link to the photos of Saturday's books