Friday, 17 August 2018

Ramsgate Harbour around 1870

This is before the red brick arches, so well back in the day.

I also published these three on the bookshop website full size this is the link

I don't think this animation quite cuts the mustard, I couldn't resist posting it though

work in the bookshop today, mostly books about rock musicians this is the link to the pictures

Thursday, 16 August 2018

The Church of St Peter-in-Thanet, two sunken bandstands and the oldest central heating I have ever seen.

 Is it St Laurence
 or is it
 St Lawrence?
 anyway today it was St Peter

 with some considerable amount of serendipity the day started with this poster
 Wherever this is it isn't St Peter-in-Thanet. Serves me right for surfing Facebook on mi phone and saving the picture without noting where it came from.

My main interest here was taking a look inside the church, so while the bad news was no art exhibition the good news was the church was open, so follow the link to see the pictures.

Link to pictures of inside The Church of St Peter-in-Thanet

I didn't really have the right equipment for indoor and fairly low light photography, but did my best.

One of the Thanet churches first built nearly a thousand years ago and heavily restored by the Victorians making it a bit difficult to tell whats wot

I think I was as much struck by this memorial to The Indian Mutiny as I was by the Norman church and fine Victorian glass.

 next the link to yesterday's work in the bookshop
 Back St Peter's

This time in my engineers hat, this has to be the oldest central heating system I have ever seen and yes it is all like this the whole church.

 With the last bandstand dugout picture, that's all folks.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Things are not always what they seem

Ramsgate Canadian Hospital, well it was in WW1

Ramsgate lift and for a moment there 

until you realise it's this lift and that happened to it.

Sorry about this, especially if you are better at this than me.

Ramsgate Council, that is Ramsgate Municipal Borough Council that ran Ramsgate after 1884 and before TDC

This is the inner basin of Ramsgate Harbour drained in 1912, different system then, no pontoons so it was possible to drain it regularly. Nowadays draining it would result in millions of pounds damage so I imagine they are relived to get both the mitre and flap gates back in without an expensive incident.
like running the sluices

This, and no I'm not expecting you to recognise it, is part of the aftermath of one our most expensive incidents the 1953 storm. What you can see is the replacement of several square miles of land and several miles of railway track that was washed away by the sea when the sea wall failed beyond The Minnis

Manston is back on the agenda with the acceptance of the DCO application, thousands of pages of it and I guess with this type of consultation where the public are affected but our elected representatives are bypassed in the decision process which seems to be mostly public consultation. I does beg the question. Should there be some independent body producing some independent assessment for those of us who either don't have the time to read the documents or can't understand them?

I for one am not looking forward to reading another raft of documents.

 Here in Ramsgate some of King Street between the bookshop and the town centre has been closed by the police, this doesn't seem to have had much impact on business in the bookshop.
  This is the link to The Isle of Thanet News article I haven't bothered with the other local news websites which now open like arcade games, making the actual article very hard to follow.

 Next some Margate police photos

This one is dated 1881

Anyone understand this on which seems to say William Walker is permitted to act as a motor bus until December 1921.

I did get out this evening so this is the link to the pictures, nothing much unless you can't get out for a walk yourself 

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

A few local views, bit more painting in Ramsgate, this and that

 Should expand if you click on them
 I don't think I have seen this Marina Pool one before
 my second post today this being the ordinary weblog one
 I find more and more my blogging is about recording things for myself which others can, what's the word here, well enjoy for some aspects
 none of today's old photos had dates
 so you will have to add your own
 anyway, what comes next?
I skived off painting today
Mostly some more buildings on the cliff top and some people, which I hope help with the sense of looking down into Harbour Parade, my thanks to the group of young people who hung about there for long enough for me to get the proportions

A few photos on the camera card Link 1 Link 2

Workwise the link to the books we put out 

Then there is Google Chrome marking some sites as not secure i.e. http and not https not this blog for no apparent reason and yet the bookshop blog also hosted by Google, I shall have to consult a grownup, it will probably boil down to another way of the internet extracting money.

Flight workers and fantasies a premature Manston post

Ramsgate's latest aviation worker has been busy reorganising seagull's flightpaths for the convenience of diners on the sundeck.

Today is the resubmitted Manston DCO acceptance deadline, not a tweet from RSP since Jul 16 this is the link to their Twitter feed   as the DCO process is supposed to be one of public engagement, this sort of thing seems very strange to me.

Pins have put a "today's the day" message on their website, perhaps they are waiting for RSP to say something.

Since the resubmission I have tried to engage with RSP on the advice of pins, this is a bit of an uphill struggle, best read from the bottom up, this is the link to the emails I don't think it is very hard to see why I gave up.

Anyway delving about looking for some answers I note that the UK Parliament website has published the correspondence about our MP Mr Craig Mackinlay's flutter with aviation this is the link to it

Anyway noted here as to my mind the failure to have published the decision by either RSP or PINS by mid afternoon on the deadline day is significant intisself and needs recording.

If I were to make a wild guess, I would think something along the lines of a recommendation to withdraw combined with the using of our political "big guns" 

Another possibility is that this pins zen

"If the application is accepted, we will:
  • On the day of the decision publish the acceptance decision and the Adequacy of Consultation Representations received from the relevant local authorities."
"If the application is not accepted, we will:
  • Publish the decision letter and reasons why it hasn’t been accepted."
This could be interpreted as not publishing the decision today means it wasn't accepted, it's now 5pm on decision day and still nothing that I can find.

Accepted now This is the link to the acceptance letter 

Development Consent for the upgrade and reopening of Manston Airport Notification of decision to accept an application for examination I refer to the above application for an Order granting development consent made under section 37(2) of the Planning Act 2008 (PA2008), and received by the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State on 17 July 2018. The Secretary of State has decided to accept this application for examination. In reaching this decision, the Secretary of State has:  in respect of section 55(3)(e) had regard to the matters set out in section 55(4), and concluded that the applicant has complied with Chapter 2 of Part 5 of PA2008; and  in respect of section 55(3)(f), had regard to the extent to which those matters set out in section 55(5A) have either been complied with or followed, and concluded that the application (including accompaniments) is of a satisfactory standard. Please be aware of your duties under:  sections 56, 58 and 59 of PA2008;  Regulations 8, 9 and 10 of The Infrastructure Planning (Applications: Prescribed Forms and Procedure) Regulations 2009; and  Regulation 13 of The Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2009 or, for projects scoped after 16 May 2017, The Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2017. National Infrastructure Planning Temple Quay House 2 The Square Bristol, BS1 6PN Customer Services: e-mail: 0303 444 5000 Yours sincerely Simone Wilding Simone Wilding Head of Major Casework Management For and on behalf of the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government This communication does not constitute legal advice. Please view our Privacy Notice before sending information to the Planning Inspectorate.

Monday, 13 August 2018

Ramsgate Harbour Bridge and flap lock gate goes back in with this and that.

Here is the link to the rest of the photos 

Simon Crow has just put his gate and bridge  photos up here is the link 

Work in the bookshop, this is the link to the books we have just put out

I ran away from work this morning and did a bit more to my painting from the top of the Pav aka Spoons

What I am trying to do mostly with this one is give some sort of sense of the dip of Harbour parade between the balcony of the Royal Victoria Pavilion and the elevation of the arches and buildings on the other side.

Today mostly fiddling with the detail in the distance.

With Wetherspoons there is a real sense of it being a public house in the conventional or historical sense, by this I mean that I feel comfortable sitting there sketching without consuming much.

There is also a sense of connection with people who have done this in past times, Henry Moses for instance must have sat in the window of the Kings Head (The Royal is now on the site that the King's Head was on then) for a very long time sketching.

 Here are two of the pictures he drew from there in 1815.
I don't think he can have drunk much beer or the lines would be wonkey.

Sunday, 12 August 2018

Ramsgate Margate pictures words

 Click in the pictures to expand them, it's well worth going onto google maps and selecting 3D to compare with the one above.
 I think this Margate one is about 1860
 This is Margate High Street in 1913

not dated
 and 1912
and 1905
 With these old photos of Ramsgate Sands Station I am always struck by how small the carriages are
 The harbour before the pontoons, no date on his one
 this one is 1957
 These two perhaps around 1920, what do you think?

 This around 1900 perhaps
 This is looking up Ramsgate High Street in 1917, before it was widened

We went to Margate today, bought some books for the bookshop, went to Turner contemporary

Had a look a JWM Turner's picture of a cat, history is unclear as to whether this cat owned JWM Turner, however it is clear that Turner used one of his paintings as a cat flap, which is proof that cats appreciate art.

Margate and the gallery were very busy considering the weather

Polar bears are something I don't have much experience apart from the average readers golden encompass, which suggests aesthetics are not a bear thing.

 off to the gallery's cafe for a bacon sarni and a cuppa

I fiddled about with my watercolour from there

Spot the difference?

Took a few photos this is the the link to them

Despite the warning of rain we also went for a walk in Ramsgate this evening. Took some more photos this is the link to them

Back to work in the bookshop tomorrow this is the link to the books that went out yesterday

Still on the bookshop front Spine Books has recently opened in Margate Art books, zines + printed matter shop 🏳️‍🌈📚art + design • lgbtqia • interiors + architecture • photography • culture. 9 Love Lane, Margate.