Friday 31 August 2018

power cut on Harbour Parade again this evening a few photos and thoughts

 The candles look pretty, I suppose this is down to 100 year old infrastructure, difficult if you are in business this sort of thing though.

Friday night with family members aged from five to oap Wetherspoons seemed the only option after a very busy bookshop day, low value books with a high volume - a lot priced between 5p and 50p - the ones we mostly don't bother to photograph for the bookshop blog. Most of them in the left hand side of the shop window, which is walk in shelving with all the books priced less than 50p.

Wetherspoons was very busy out on the sundeck this evening, so a seat I haven't sat in before, meaning a new and quick sketch of Ramsgate 

Thursday 30 August 2018

A Welcome Awaits You At Herne Bay and Pegwell Bay

I publish a few books about Herne Bay and go there regularly
 This is a bit of A Welcome Awaits You At Herne Bay, here is the link to one
 and you are in some pages of it
 Something that Herne Bay has done is to put children's play equipment in some of its seafront gardens and on part of the beach there.
The result is to have some areas that are packed with people and some that are empty

I think the Thanet towns could do this too

we went on to The Seaview Bar & Restaurant @ The Sir Stanley Gray PBH for a light lunch

I sketched a bit

Time ran out

Interesting change to this the lowest part of what was built as a convalescent home in the 1920s is connected to the main building, now an hotel on the other side of the road. Back in the good old days around 1970 this lowest bit was called The Moonlighters - bar and night club.

 There was a significant cliff collapse there in 1947

  I took a few photos today, this is the link to them 

Two new local books out this week

This is the link to the rest of the books that went out yesterday

I will - promise to - read them both properly - write a blog post about each of them and get them onto the bookshop website with buy it now button and everything connected up, soon. At the moment only available in the bookshop. There are also several other local books around the point of publication, we are doing our best to get them all finished properly at the moment.

I think one of the difficulties here is that a lot of people assume that the main objective of the all of us working away in the bookshop is to make a profit. Funny really as you would think most people would have noticed that most bookshops have closed. However in this case, I buy a couple of local guide books that date from the 1870s I think it is important to get cheap reprints made so that other people can enjoy them too.

Back to The Seaview Bar & Restaurant @ The Sir Stanley Gray PBH where a major attraction is a large play area with plenty of play equipment for younger children, up to the end of primary school I would think.

If you are interested in Pegwell we publish a book about it
I would recommend a browse of it in the bookshop here is the link to a few sample pages  and one to the buy it now button Was publishing it profitable? The truth with something like this is that I just don't know if the end result was profit or loss. Like the two 1874 guides published this week, the main thing is that for the people who want to read them, they can get hold of them.

Wednesday 29 August 2018

The Eastern Gully is leaking, shops in Ramsgate, Margate pier repairs and so on

The picture above shows the Eastern Gully after the sluices have been opend too much in around 1900, you can see the damage, the power of water.
this wosisname is made of photos taken yesterday, as you it seems to be leaking quite a bit.
I think Wetherspoons got a bit unplugged for a while yesterday, Ramsgate's ancient infrastructure probably means the power cables to The Royal Victoria Pavilion date from when it was built in 1903.

some activity in this closed Ramsgate High Street shop which looks as though it is going to reopen soon.

I haven't seen Clique bar open for a while and wonder if it is difficulties and has closed.

The maritime museum says opening Friday, I think this is after a short temporary closure for heath reasons

Harbour gates and bridge have apparently been delayed again while some hydraulic rams have gone to Holland for reconditioning.
 more eastern gully photos which I am sure I have posted before
 Back then the harbour was managed in a very different way and one that wouldn't fit in with today's demands

 In Margate it was the pier that needed a lot of repairs
I you are wondering about the safety elf

 This is up St John's in Margate

I wonder what happened to this tree in in King Street Ramsgate, vandalism, council, disease?

Strange green and yellow earth worms here in Ramsgate

This is the link to the rest of today's photos