Saturday 31 May 2014

What’s on in East Kent Sunday 1st June 2014 and a short ramble.

Having just looked on the internet the only two major free events tomorrow seem to both be in Ramsgate.

The first one is the official opening celebrations for The Ramsgate Tunnels starting around 11am.

The other is our annual old vehicle event “The Great Bucket and Spade Run at Government Acre” this also starts around 11am and goes on to around 4pm.

Plenty of pictures of previous bucket and spade runs, follow the links

Next a note about blog comments, this really boils down to the worse the situation gets, the more I restrict them. And frankly this time of year I am often doing this outside with a smart phone which means I can’t see the comment properly, so be warned that if comment contains the usual non commercial spam phrases it will now get spammed.

Comment as I had today on a post about a local art exhibition containing phrases like “police authority” “QC” “High Court” 0% and so on can’t have any possible relationship with the post has gone this way, what the rest of the content of the comments were I couldn’t actually see due to the sunlight.  

Friday 30 May 2014

A sketch of Waterstones at Westwood Cross and photos of the Canterbury bears.

Here is the sketch of Waterstones Bookshop at Westwood Cross, done this evening while the fayerer gender were shopping.

And a photo to give you some idea of what I was trying to express in case you 'ave never 'ad a coffee there.

The Beaney gallery in Canterbury is running a teddy bear exhibition at the moment. I was tempted to take Flyte and introduce Aloysius, but I thought my children wouldn’t understand if I camped with teddy.

Bit of a scientific/photography question here, what causes the coloured areas on the fluorescent lighting tubes?   

Oh sorry drivelling on here and so into deeper artistic Canterbury, the film in the loo is a tricky one to know how to react to if you are caught short.

There is a new shop in Canterbury which I am told is truly wonderful called Tiger.

New Book out today on the church in Hardres Street Ramsgate

The book is called “A Chronicle Celebrating the Bi-centenary of "The Church on the corner of Hardres Street" 1811 – 2011” and is by David Richards who is the author of two other books I publish “Ramsgate August 1940” see and “Ramsgate All Change -

This book was first published by the church in 2011 as A4 sheets and a plastic binder, this new edition has been published as one of the A5 booklets which we sell in my bookshop and on the internet, if you want to buy it online (post free in the UK) here is the link

The church was Ramsgate’s Methodist church and is now called Hardres Street United Church which is a local ecumenical partnership that includes the United Reformed Church.

Still on the subject of local books I have just run out of the new Dreamland book “Dreamland Revived” and won’t get delivery of more copies until tomorrow morning.  

Thursday 29 May 2014

Cheryl White Exhibition at York Street Gallery in Ramsgate

Cheryl a local artist returns to the gallery with more of her amazing colourful canvases in acrylic. Paintings for of colour inspired and influenced by nature, local views and the Far East.

Meet the artist 1-4pm Saturday 31st May 2014. All welcome.

The exhibition runs --   28th May - 4th June

Wednesday 28 May 2014

Does Piet Mondrian look like Homer Simpson and the artist’s battle for a quick likeness

A bit of a diversion on the blogging front today, I personally have had enough of the airport and the politicicos running rings a bunch of newly discovered civil disobedients. The last move being a petition to get compulsory purchase discussed at a council meeting, something I assume would have happened anyway. I am vaguely wondering if I will need to open a branch of my bookshop in Gloagsville. Perhaps the discussion will go something like: "We would like to buy an airport" "How much" "Oh"

With the drizzle I have reverted to sketching from photos and in this case trying to get a very quick likeness of people with pen.

There isn’t really any sure method with this one, you start copying photos of people and after a while you can tell they are people, this progresses to being able to identify, gender, age and so on while getting to being able to identify who the picture is actually of seems miles down the line.

Anyway here are a few attempts for general amusement.

After a fairly long day's work it's back to the painting board 
With Piet Mondrian the colour is important too, the forehead, not only is the blue too thick but actually makes it look smaller

Monday 26 May 2014

A few pictures of Margate Meltdown 2014 possible ramble.

Motorbikes and art, can't beat it so here is a sketch