Monday, 15 October 2018


I am not a person to notice much about the verbal peculiarities of people, but at about 2am a car that had probably been delocked, lowered and had a the sound system replaced with a mega blaster came along King Street accelerating in a way that accentuated the absence of exhaust baffles bringing me into the state of consciousness that I think of as speculative. 

Into the intensified silence that follows a loud noise came the happy sound of the youf of today who were in that wonderful period between drinking a lot of beer and feeling ill. As I lay there wishing I still had my B.S.A. with the megaphone exhaust one of the youfs said. "Yo, I am going to get a car." I hadn't realised that it was possible to get into a state of euphoria that causes young people to actually say "yo" at least he didn't say dude.

Recently I find myself in a world where people call me mate, bruv, geez and even guv and I am wondering what has happened to British middle class, such as one would find in Carry On Up The Wosisname, have they become extinct?

Here in the bookshop the world hasn't yet evolved, people buying Dorothy Sayers and P G Wodehouse mostly inhabit a separate reality.

I am rereading Harry Potter at the moment, it strikes me that a series of books where the comprehension age rises with the age of the main character is unique. Comprehension age is a very different age to reading age and one of those things that interests me.

Anyway I can't help being middle class, my father was a bookseller and my mother an organic chemist. So should I pretend to be lower class [was working class] or should I risk ridicule.

do you say:-??

A hotel

a 'otel

An 'otel

aitch or haitch   

The situation with the old local photos is that I am trying something different.
I have owned a few cameras over the years and my favourite film camera is the Nikon F

I have to fess up that my favourite digital camera is my Canon S3 IS
 these were the first 2 before macro cut in, everything in the post same camera S3 IS and just fiddling about

Work in the Bookshop

Sunday, 14 October 2018

The edge of Thanet and beyond + Old Ramsgate pictures + Broadstairs + a funny thing happened buying a book online

Lunch at The Dog and Duck at Plucks Gutter so technically not Thanet.
But a stone's throw away across the river.
I did the sketch in 2015 as there wasn't enough time today.
Pot of tea for two, turkey sandwich, beef sandwich £10, this is a proper English pub and it would be very hard to fault it.

Click for the rest of the Dog and Duck photos

On to Wingham and the church of St Mary the Virgin E parts last ¼ C13, W tower C14 plain pointed transept on imposts so around 1200, lightly restored by Ferrey 1874-5 well U2 can read about it and or form your own conclusions.

The Oxinden Monument (black and white marble, free standing monument in the S transept) has much less clutter around it than it had when last went to look at it in 2016. Attributed to Arnold Quellin and Grinling Gibbons late 1600s 

Old Ramsgate photos next 

On the work front 

I nabbed the Arcimboldo book for myself, I am finding the internet less and less satisfactory as an art resource.

The truth is stranger than anything you could make up.
 I bought The Puzzle of Ethics on Ebay last week
Described as very good condition it arrived yesterday, stolen from Goschen Centre which closed in 2016, so at least not stolen to order. Swag you can't send back to the rightful owner. My curiosity about the thief who steals a book about ethics...

I bought it from one of the giant internet booksellers so I don't know any more.