Sunday 13 March 2022

Click for. Has Ramsgate got better or worse in the last ten years?

 I was looking through some pictures that I took of Ramsgate at the end of February beginning of march 2012. 

So has Ramsgate got better or worse in the last 10 years?

We'd DFLd back in the 1960s and I worked part-time in various bars in Ramsgate during the school holidays and later after work. 

Very different times the late 60s early 70s, most of the larger bars had live music and quite a lot of them had a floor show show which was often a stripper. So I have mixed feelings about bringing it all back from then. But 10 years ago I thought I'd have some sort of idea, I think on the whole there's been a bit of an improvement, but what do you think?

Click on this link for the first batch of Ramsgate pictures from ten years ago.

Click on this link for the second batch of Ramsgate pictures from ten years ago

Click on this link for the third batch of Ramsgate pictures from ten years ago

Click on this link for the first batch of Ramsgate pictures from ten years ago

Thursday 10 March 2022

Click on the pictures to enlarge them ramble

Out and about today in Ramsgate

the last two Facebook offerings are 
I'm still doing battle with my painting palette and I think that there is no way I can get rid of rose madder apart from going to an art shop and trying out a lot paints. And so far I haven't found a way of replacing yellow ochre which is really to opaque with something transparent but the same shade. Anyway I run down the tangle of how we now perceive Leonardo da Vinci through Pullman's lyra. One is more inclined to ask why the painting doesn't look like the film character than why the film character doesn't look more like the painting.


This morning's watercolour sketch

Oh yes and I suppose I should say something. Here at the bookshop we are working very hard on the building with the objective of trying to reopen around Easter time.

That is assuming that world war III doesn't break out and the coronavirus situation doesn't get a lot worse. Sorry I have just read the news which is a bit depressing at the moment.

If I think of something more interesting to say I will add it

Tuesday 8 March 2022

Click to expand the old Thanet pictures and where we are in terms of reopening Michael's Bookshop in Ramsgate

First a few old local postcards

Ellington park probably Edwardian

Granville marina in Ramsgate also probably Edwardian

Cliftonville I think this one might be Edwardian too

The birchington Hunt meet boxing Day 1905

Joss bay probably 1960s or 70s

And finally the hoverport at pegwell bay

As anyone who has been following what I why have been saying over the past couple of years well understand, I decided it wasn't really very safe if to reopen the bookshop because of coronavirus, mainly because of all out enclosed spaces in the maze bookcases.

My plan was to wait until the figures had got down to 1 person dying in 1,000 people testing positive, I don't think we're going to get there, it's a little bit worse and one in 500 at the moment.

Here in the UK about 45,000 people a day are testing positive at the moment and about 100 people a day are dying of coronavirus.

What has changed my mind is the vaccination situation. Of the 100 people a day dying of coronavirus only about 20 are vaccinated and the other 80 are unvaccinated.

These figures are derived from the office of national statistics which is a politically independent government agency, they are also very similar to the figures produced by the other countries in the world.

Link to the UK weekly figures  divide by 7 for daily numbers

Anyway we are hoping to reopen with reduced hours around about Easter. At the moment we are putting in a blown air ventilation system which should make everybody safer.

I'm not really sure how long it will take to do the various bits of work to achieve this, it really is quite time consuming and quite a lot of bookcases have to be changed to get the pipes in.

Onto my painting and drawing.

I thought I would have a go expressing evil

Painting is all very well but as soon as you get into the realms of art, you either have to to play around with contemporary art and installations. Honestly my bed is far too ordinary to exhibit. Or you get into that difficult area...

As far as I got, will try to finish it off.