Friday, 5 November 2010

Council turns down Ramsgate slipways planning application

Sorry if this is fairly old news to some people, I only just found out today and I don’t think anyone else has mentioned it.

They have turned down both the application to demolish and the one to develop.

This leads one with the question of what happens to the site now? The terms of the lease are that the site is used as a boat repair yard however the new owner of part of this yard is a property developer.

With sites like The Eagle Café on the end of the east pier, council owned, presumably leased by them under a lease stipulating that it is used as a café, but disused for a number of years I think this is one that may need watching.

The last thing we need in Ramsgate at the moment is a derelict boatyard.


  1. I am not surprised that the Eagle Cafe closed.I had a snack there once that was smaller and more expensive than a similar item in the West End. The manager explained that this was because of his overheads.

  2. I hope tdc inspect the slipways and ensure the terms of the lease are being complied with and all the machinery etc is in good working order.
    As another plane takes off at 23.23 i suppose tdc are getting extra income for the massive deficit in the budget.

  3. anon 23:42 can you have a word with those people at the airport I heard that one over here in Margate. I doubt they will worry the old casino had the guts ripped out and no body bothered the stable bock at Cliftonville went years without complying to the lease terms so why worry about a slipway.

  4. That design looks similar to the public toilets further along the beach.

    On the subject of toilets - Deal Pier had a lot of money spent on a refurb restaurant and loos. The Eagle Cafe, in such a prime location has a lot of potential.

    Anyone from London reading this please come on down...
    Ben K


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