Friday, 26 July 2013

John Hawke at the York Street Art Gallery in Ramsgate, a ramble and some pictures.

Here are the pictures of John Hawke’s pictures and he painting one in the gallery, they should expand if clicked on.

I am still; busy on my bookshop pricing up the mother of all book sales and have now done about half the stock, unfortunately this doesn’t give me much time for other things, blogging painting and so on.

I did visit Margate and Cliftonville yesterday and here are some of the pictures.

 Manston Airport is in the news with expansion plans see the 20 million passengers a year would seem to equate to about 100,000 flights a year or about 270 a day, which seems rather unlikely.

My understanding is that KCC have given Cardy Construction 30 days to remove the hording from the  public promenade in front of the Pleasurama site, how this will impact on the replacement of the Great Wall of Ramsgate pictures, I don’t really know.   

Ramsgate Powerboat Grand Prix 2013 this weekend 27 Jul 2013 - 28 Jul 2013

With European and National Offshore Powerboat Racing. We are hosting the 2013 UIM European V-24 Championships alongside an International Cross Channel Marathon & RYA British National Powerboat Championships, so I hope the rather uncertain weather forecast doesn’t mean we are in for difficulties. 

Court Stairs in Ramsgate, one of the local wedding venues appears to have gone under, as you see from the photos.   

and the pram shop in King Street Ramsgate has closed.

There are quite a few May or perhaps July bugs around at dusk in the Westcliff Pegwell area and these may best avoided. 

although as you see dusk in this area can be attractive.


  1. Never heard of the Powerboat event until this post. So much for TDC promoting the area.

    The Pleasurama stumps as well as the hoarding would be removed?

    1. What a disappointment, loaded all the family into the charabanc even 2 slightly stroppy boys who were persuaded on the strength of a funfare and live music.
      Where was it all !!! the Ramsgate power boats events used to be brilliant affairs, i know austerity measures are in place but come on if you are advetising an event at least make sure there is one.

  2. Embarrassing that the Gazette even prints Buchanan's tripe. And why is he sending off these decisions without KCC or TDC approval? it looks like he's running the council.

    1. The Gazette is a newspaper and it prints stories. If the CEO of the airport is putting forward a proposal for Manston's future that is a story of local interest. However, let's keep things in perspective, it is but a proposal for how Manston could be developed, not a decision as suggested by 4:01, and in no way does putting it forward for consideration in the overall airport capacity plan require KCC or TDC approval at this stage. Anyway, 4:01, as you regard all councillors as useless old duffers, why consult them anyway?

    2. It certainly reads as a decision of 20M passengers and even £1Bn for a couple of rail-lines. So you're saying he didn't even speak to the councils and just sent it off himself? Has he taken any other decisions himself that affect Thanet?

      Many people think the councillors are useless duffers- no doubt yourself?- but they represent the public (badly) in issues such as this.

      And of course we haven't discussed how ludicrous these plans are have we?

    3. It is but a proposal giving a forecast of what could be achieved. It is not something requiring any local authority involvement at this stage. Obviously the CEO of the airport is going to talk up the prospect as you, 6:13, would talk them down. There is really nothing to discuss at this stage with so little meat on the bone.

    4. Come along 8:53 you're the one downplaying these forecasts from Charles: 20M passengers? And two new rail-lines is it? Why would the council not be involved to ensure the plans were realistic and in keeping with the local plan?

      My local chip shop is forecasting 50M customers and building a cod warehouse in Clive's backgarden made out of gold: a front page in the Gazette perhaps?

      The reality is Buchanan leads the councillors by the nose whether it's 6am flights or offroute flights or failing to remove pollution and removing monitors.

      Clive and Bayford simply sit up and beg when he snaps his fingers- and let the public suffer.

    5. Felixstowe Dock is massively investing in rail and taking millions of lorry miles off the roads. Maybe this Buchanan is smelling the eco/opportunity/investment and return coffee ?

      I say this because development might be the best overall eco option sometimes.

    6. Anonymous 11:09 AM

      You really do not understand how these things work, do you. Or maybe you just affect not to understand in order to annoy and seek attention.

  3. The Gazette obviously doesn't get to Ramsgate very often, as they think the paintings are still on the Great wall...

    (And check out their front page story where they name 5 independent cllrs, 2 of which are named Ian Driver!)

  4. I assume the KCC requirement for the removal of the Pleasurama site hoarding is a planning issue. ie the current permission is about to expire so due process is being applied?
    Thanks as usual for putting up the photos...very interesting.

    1. Pat I think the issue is that KCC gave permission to move the hoardings out from the site boundary to give extra room for construction.

      This means that a large part of the public footpath was closed on a temporary basis on the understanding that building work would complete in 2014.

      I would guess that were everything going on a schedule in line with the 2009 agreement that resulted in the hoardings, then most of the development would be occupied by now and most of the hoarding would have been removed.

      I am assuming that what KCC are asking for is that the hoardings be moved back to the site boundary.

    2. Yes I assume this is a way-leave matter. And if construction is actually to start the developers will have to acquire a new way leave to move the hoarding out again.

  5. Thanks for the clarification....couldn't quite see it being completely removed only to expose the dereliction behind making a bad situation worse.

  6. If it has to be relocated I wouldnt expect the contractor would go to the great expense of constructed a secod hoarding to the quality of the existing one, site security can be maintained using galvanised mesh fencing with nowhere to fix the great wall paintings....who gains from this? No one except cllr Driver who will no doubt use it to further his plan to cripple Thanet, the same cllr who publicly condoned graffiti resulting in the defacing and subsequent removal of the paintings!

  7. I think it has to screen the site from public view so mesh would hardly suffice. Agree with you about Driver and a shame we cannot get the contractors to board him up as well. A break from his ranting is now long overdue in Thanet, the vast majority now having long seen through this self serving windbag.

  8. The hoarding is only a foot or tow form the original promenade - looks like KCC have had enough of Pleasurama and TDC and want the site returned to open land etc etc.

    The main annoyance on the seafront is the swings owner who keeps parking has van on the promenade: P601 RYL: for two Sunday afternoons small children on scooters etc have nearly wobbled under his wheels. And why does the park kiosk park their car in the park rather than the road? If they can't use the road they shouldn't have their kiosks.

  9. <a"> Breaking up their usage for at least 12 months ? </a>

    ????? I think that may be a bit more likely than "It is all Cllr Driver's doing"

    I am not sure if it is the same developer but there is a usage dispute at Portsmouth at present as occupants of a block of flats have just been stopped from using their drive and car park by a developer who wants to convert a neighbouring hotel. The flat owners are having to contact former owners to try to establish twenty years of lawful usage.

  10. The park kiosk car wasn't there today so maybe they've learnt the error of their ways?


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