Sunday, 4 August 2013

Margate Carnival 2013 pictures

Here are the various links to the pictures

Please accept my apologies for a bit of an average job here, I didn’t take my big camera and just a few pictures with a little one and a mobile phone.

I also missed the beginning as I was in The Turner Contemporary chatting to one of the gallery attendants, I like to know how things are going there and I think they seem to be going fairly well at the moment.

The current exhibition seems to be better attended and more appreciated than the previous two, I detected a bit of a feeling that the last one with the projectors that kept breaking down and the previous Emin one (blue woman having difficulty with blue tampon) didn’t do much for visitor numbers.

In my opinion what the gallery lacks at the moment is a big picture – sculpture – the Kiss and the James Webb of Margate filled this bill and at the moment there is a fairly insignificant painting of a servant eavesdropping, some fairly small Turners of birds and of course the pages from the Da Vinci decode, but no big picture. Don’t get me wrong here it’s is an entertaining exhibition worth going to see but this is about me and what I want which is at least one large work of art to wow me.

As you can see from the photos Margate Carnival was pretty good this year  

Sorry I also seemed to have messed up publishing the picture folders with three of the links leading to web folders containing 100 pictures from my phone when I only took 200 pictures of the carnival with it.  


  1. Michael, you should be an art critic, "blue woman having difficulty with blue tampon" sums up the Emin exhibition very well. I read somewhere on the wall that it took her a whole ten days to prepare the exhibition, and it showed. That is called taking the p*zzz.

    I have often wondered where she learned her glass bending and neon skills. Maybe she had some help???

  2. Michael,

    Is it the booze or do I really see your pictures moving?

  3. This is worth a read:

    This subject was also an item on R4 'Today' programme at0830 this morning. It will be on iplayer.

  4. Issues of dumping to Margate were covered by Panorama 1976. Yorkshire TV the Grannie Business early 80s. The issues of Costa de dole 1980s when a tory MP rather naively suggested that unemployed should move on every eight weeks to actively seek work elsewhere. Unless they were on bail to appear at court or at Thanet police stations. Instant reward for offending equals security of tenure and benefits. The MP ? Roger Gale.

    That a tory Cllr Dr Charles McAvoy rightly tried to get TDC to limit dumping and care dumping by tightening planning, is a matter of history. A history not entirely to Simon Moores likening as he avoids publishing the Cllr Dr Charles McAvoy past tory wisdom.

  5. It's interesting how few comments this blog receives when the Google Names etc are required (also the Thanet Press Releases site). It seems people can only be bothered to blog with the Anon facility?

    1. Anonymous 11:54 am

      Like you as a case in point. But then I suspect your comment was meant as a joke.

    2. Inane as always Holyer. Why not post these comments on your own blog? It must be a fascinating read and nobody could accuse you of being Anonymouse etc. Your views from that day's Daily Mail would be equally fascinating.

  6. Carnival Fabulous,you mention Turner contemporary,given the cover over zero hour contracts did you know all the gallery assistants are on zero hour contracts which means after a lot of promises and training a lot of the GA have to leave as they can't claim working tax credit etc,some are only offered 1 or 2 shifts a week-Hmm unlike the office staff who are on "proper "contracts...

  7. Well said 4:56 - very naughty of the Turner to use public funds this way. Zero hours contracts are as bad as payday loans. Any other companies or recruitment agencies in Thanet trying it on with these slave labour contracts?

  8. Thanks for posting the Carnival pictures....only wish I'd been there! That wheely bin(?) was quite a work of art.


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