Saturday, 3 August 2013

Samuel Atkins at The York Street Gallery in Ramsgate, The Old Gaffers in Ramsgate Harbour some pictures and a possible ramble

A long day at work today, still working on the mother of all book sales, I have now ensured that well over half my stock is cheaper than it is on the internet, humour, gardening and a start on the philosophy today.

Mostly old jokes go down to very low prices as does gardening, it is interesting to me that you can most of the books in those sections, either on Amazon or in my bookshop for less than it would cost to post them. this is having a knock on effect for me that I am able to buy good stock fairly cheaply at the moment as frankly the majority of books are no longer worth private individuals selling them on Ebay.

Just where the bookselling world will go is getting very hard to understand, trading in a world of rapidly declining prices is something that I seem to be getting the knack of.

The Old Gaffers event is rather strange, someone council harbour authority has made it very difficult to get down among the boats, my children went off to see one of the boat owners the know and couldn’t get through the gate to the pontoons. Last year there was a constant stream of visitors to the boats, this year things seem to have gone wrong.     
I am still reluctant to post anything on this blog that is either controversial or could be construed a s news as I really don’t have the time to deal with spam comments about firing ranges or cyber bullying directed at council officers and councillors.

I have been keeping a record of abusive and potentially libellous deleted comments for the last few months and am happy to make them available to those wishing to report them to the appropriate authorities.

The key here is that if you have been mentioned by name in derogatory and abusive fashion then you can take the issue up with the police who will pass the information on to Google.    


  1. i don't think the council quite realize that people actually like to see these fine old vessels, unfortunately very similar to the stance on historic ships.

  2. Michael, I think the people regularly named in a derogatory manner, mainly councillors or local government officers, are above taking action against anonymous trolls who lack even the guts to come forward properly with their allegations. Furthermore, if we examine these allegations, apart from one specific and oft repeated one by Rick alleging perjury against a named councillor, they are very broad brush unsubstantiated ones about corruption or criminality with not a shred of substance. Even the councillor subject of Rick's perjury claim, so historic as to be laughable, thinks it amusing and even that it helps keep his name in the public eye. Nonetheless, I applaud your efforts to keep a dossier so that the information is there if required.

    Generally I think there has been an improvement in the quality of exchanges on this site recently though I do appreciate the effort it must take on your part to keep removing the spam. A certain individual also seems to have concentrated his recent efforts over on ECR's site. That said, and having stuck my head above the parapet, I shall no doubt now be challenged as to what I am doing about his pet grievances. The answer, of course, is not a lot.

    Anyway, good luck to you with the spam elimination and I hope you can retain the enthusiasm to keep going.

    1. Frankly William it’s time that is the issue, I have a full time job and children to look after, if it wasn’t for the smart phone and having the comment administration page bookmarked there I would have given up by now.

      As it is a periodic glance and anything mentioning PPI, gentlemen enlargement, gun ranges, 0%, aquifer and so on just gets zapped.

      I think things are beginning return to genuine debate and discussion about the issues in the post, one thing is certain and that is the spammers are not interested in our local issues, nor do they have to face the problems of trading here in Thanet.

      When it comes to the cyber bullying side of things I have already passed on a batch to someone making a complaint, I wouldn’t expect this to result in a prosecution, more likely Goggle blocking the perpetrators IP address.

    2. I really don't know why more locals can't start their own blogs, as they don't cost anything (I have 4 myself!).

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    1. Anon 10:34 am

      Actually, I believe you will find that it is you who Google are hunting down.

    2. You may find it is you that Google wish to deal with Mr Holyer.

    3. Anonymous,

      Let's wait and see. But you should bear in mind your continuing practice of accusing people of corruption by name. You will be in serious trouble when those you accuse finally turn on you. For me this is a day to be desired.

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Anon 1:23 pm

      The content of your blog has been noted.

    6. Where are your blogs Mr Holyer so we can read more of your fascinating comments? Is there a weblink to your words of wisdom?


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