Monday, 9 September 2013

Bagpuss, William Hague and the strange influences of pricing children’s books

The ongoing business of repricing children’s books, which is fortunately coming to an end, with only about five shelves of children’s paperback fiction to go, is either starting to turn my mind – possibly bring on a second childhood – or something equally strange or I am on to something really bizarre.

Having I Player functioning properly in the kitchen again, I have been catching up with TV during my cooking, tonight turning the remains of yesterdays Sunday roast into goulash, and listening to yeasterday’s Andrew Marr show while occasionally glancing at the screen, I was struck by one of thise peculiar revelations.

Is it me or is William Hague sounding more and more like Bagpuss, or presumably the voice of Oliver Postgate being Bagpuss.

I know in these days of politicians having to develop a public image, they must presumably model themselves on something or someone, but a saggy old cloth cat?



  1. I have met William Hague twice, but I have never met Peter Checksfield, but then he has never met me, what a strange world.

  2. I see Latchford popped up in the Gazette last week talking about Syria - 4 months after the election. What are UKIP's policies? These geriatrics will be dead before they do anything.

    He mentioned no intervention and some waffle about politicians serving as soldiers.

    Latchford needs to explain polluting his own citizens and the Manston monitors when he was at TDC.

  3. Did anyhting happen on the Goldenballs Cardy email? Pleasurama's finished now so when will the site be cleared?

    1. What has that got to do with Bagpuss or William Hague, 10:41, you really are the epitome of a boring one topic troll.

      See you also criticise Latchford over Syria, but miss the point that nothing can be done because the cosmic influences from the pyramids will knock the US missiles and planes out of the sky like they did over Bosnia during the NATO intervention, or did they?

    2. 10:51 you're the perfect example of someone ruining this blog with stupid comments. I asked about Goldenballs Cardy simply because I don't know what's happening for the other thread that's all. If you know then speak up or let someone else.

  4. On ECR there's some info on the latest Pleasurama meeting/documents - Harrison and Nicholson voting for secrecy.

  5. 6 postings. Zero relevance. Current score 6/0.

  6. Driver clearly seems to have modeled himself on Wallace, a la Wallace n Grommit, just that Driver is less talented, but but certainly just as funny.


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