Friday, 6 September 2013

Pleasurama again

TDC seem to have issued a press release about Pleasurama, I delayed putting this post up because although this is what it says on their website they have, they haven’t sent it to me for publication like their other press release and I though it may have got delayed somewhere in TDCIT.

It is this document that contains the information that the 2009 cabinet decision at this meeting to go against the offices advice and allow SFP to continue with whatever it is they are doing with this site.

Frankly I am surprised that now the document has gone into the public domain we haven’t had any sort of explanation from any of the then cabinet members, as to why they decided to do what they did.

Also we have the bizarre email purported to have been sent by Cardy Construction, (the contractor who may or may not be building the Royal Sands but has certainly added a lot of concrete posts to the site,) to the editor of Thanet Watch.

“From: Michael Stannard
To: TV Choice
Sent: Wednesday, August 21, 2013 7:41 AM
Subject: Re: cardy healthcare ltd
Hi Graham/Daniel/Stuart

This chap runs a local blog in Thanet, and I suspect without any doubt his interest in Cardy is fuelled solely by agitators and spoilers who are against the Royal Sands site.

I spoke with this chap about Two months ago,  and at that time it was to put him straight regarding a story he was going to write then about Cardy Construction Ltd being struck off at Companies call to him prevented a negative and damaging story. I doubt he has much of a following, and most of them would be odd.

I do not intend responding by email but I do think I should phone with a "positive" and up beat conversation.

Cardy Healthcare is separate to Cardy Construction Ltd and was a specialist company that we set up to develop and explore opportunities within the Healthcare Sector, including healthcentres, medical centres, GP Surgeries, Pharmacies and Hospitals both in the Private Sector and the NHS.

This has been a speculative 5 year plan , and our initial investment in this process has proved to have been very successful and we have a secured and confirmed order book of approaching £10million pounds of quality and profitable work.

Let me know your thoughts, I do not intend speaking with him today.

Ironically a took a call from the Chief Exec of TDC yesterday at 4pm. And he asked if he and I could have an "off line" chat re Royal Sands. He does not want lawyers or others involved and felt that me/Cardy and him were the two people in this project that could influence success for the project . Not sure why I have been singled out, but I guess if I can finally pull this one off, I would be Billy Golden Balls.
I am sure it will end up being more hot air. Seeing him at 8.30 this morning. Will update you.

I emailed the MD of Cardy Construction yesterday asking him for some sort of comment, but haven’t had a reply yet, which is strange as he is usually pretty good on the replying front.

What we locals are supposed to make of The Royal Sands now I just don’t know.

The Royal sands website has a FAQ page which says:

“When will the first apartments be ready for occupation?

We are expecting the first apartments to be ready in autumn 2013.”

I may ramble on here.


Anonymous said...

I sit with those against teh Royal Sands project, but that is because I consider that there should have been an alternative development granted for the site. But as a group we do really let ourselves down, posting this sort of drivvle. Cardy have an excellent name in the town and employ great numbers of the Thanet townsfolk. I guess we can now add them to the list of potential investors who will have been driven to invest in other more welcoming areas.

Lyndon T Palmer said...

If it is a viable investment they won't care about scuttlebutt on a blog.

But Mr Keegans lawyers may be looking on with great interest

Lyndon T Palmer said...

If it is a viable investment they won't care about scuttlebutt on a blog.

But Mr Keegans lawyers may be looking on with great interest

Anonymous said...

Think you made your point, Rick, twice!

Anonymous said...

It is evident Thanet Watch were made clearly aware that the email was bogus, and now risk being sued for the dissemination of information about a person, under the privacy tort of public disclosure of private facts. Those who continue to disseminate such information known to be false will also be culpable.

This is particularly relevant if they are acting with malice in the matter. This would not be difficult to prove given that Cardy have previously been subject of other libellous posts…

Allan Mallinson said...

Anon 6:08, are you saying Ian Driver is in the frame because he has disseminated said information on the assumption that the email could be genuine and, so far, has issued no retraction or apology?

Anonymous said...

Also on Driver's blog is a statement allegedly from Cardy showing the email to have come from Cardy albeit edited. "Further to your email and following an investigation by our IT manager, I can confirm that the email was edited and issued by an unauthorised person within our organisation and subsequently we will be undertaking an internal review. This review may well result in disciplinary actions being taken"
What they do not say is which bits form part of the original email (obviously genuine) and which part has been edited. So how do Thanet Watch identify what is real and which not if Cardy don't say. Maybe TW should ask them!!