Friday, 19 August 2016

Progress on the Ramsgate watercolour painting, drains, planes and politics

First the watercolour, only progress this morning, rain for lunch.

I think the drains in Harbour Parade are getting blocked up again, see

What with the niff of them and the niff of the fertiliser blowing off one of the local farms, air pollution is cumulative and eventually it adds up to the point where you run away which I did this morning.

UKIP have done it again, so it seems Thanet are still backing the current administration at TDC

The DFT have published a new letter about the RiverOak DCO consultations  reading between the lines it looks like RiverOak are going to need to get a bit more responsive.   

I still haven’t had a reply to my emails to RiverOak although I had a long chat on the phone with their environmental specialist, more about that soon as I hope to get a written response to some of the points I made. 

New footpath sign I guess it's only a cycle path coming the other way, especialy on days when the gate is locked.

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