Sunday, 21 August 2016

Save Manston Airport, some sort of update and today’s sketching in Canterbury

Back when Manston Airport closed over two years ago and long before any alternative plans for the site, a group formed to save the airport as an airport.

As with many protest/pressure/support/groups, the main focal point was the Facebook group “Save Manston Airport”. Obviously writing this blog I joined this group so that when I posted about the Manston Airport issue I did so having read the posts there.

I first realised that something was up about a week ago when I was removed from the group, I sent them a message pointing out that I never abused my membership, but as this blog gets about 1,000 hits a day they may prefer me to read their point of view.

I was told that the SMA moderation committee had asked the following:-

“Does he support the reinstatement and development of the airport?

Does he support the scale of enhancement that RiverOak seek to obtain through the DCO process?

Is he prepared to support the Committee's judgment that RO deserve SMA's support?”

Obviously this Orwellian mantra wasn’t something I signed up to when I joined and I came to conclusion that doublethink was beyond my intellect.

As George Orwell said “If you have embraced a creed which appears to be free from the ordinary dirtiness of politics - a creed from which you yourself cannot expect to draw any material advantage - surely that proves that you are in the right?”

Anyway out of the flames of SMA, SMAA is born

"Save Manston Airport association shared a group.
August 19 at 6:50pm ·
In a dramatic turn of events during the afternoon of 18th August 2016 the Founder of the Save Manston Airport association unlawfully stripped the Management Committee of its social media powers and assumed sole control of the Facebook page. All bar one of the administrators of the site, as well as the moderators, who devote so many hours keeping it "clean", were blocked and this was followed by a “cull” of existing members.

It is important to stress that this does not affect the Save Manston Airport association. The Facebook page, following the adoption of the Constitution in 2014, was merely a means of communication. The Management Committee are still in full control and have established;
• a Facebook presence at
• a Twitter feed at
• a YouTube channel at

The main WordPress site still under the control of the Committee.
If you have not signed up on there yet, please go to the Membership tab and sign up so we have your details for SMAa reach-out and emails.

As can be imagined a great deal of discussion took place within the organisation, following this development. Committee members and activists were involved and agreed the following;

1. That the actions of the Founder merely disassociated his Facebook page from the Save Manston Airport association. This was reinforced when the owner of the intellectual rights to the SMA logo insisted that it be removed from the Founder's Facebook page.

2. That the existing SMA Management Committee would continue in post until the next Annual General Meeting. One Committee member has been party to the Founder's actions and has therefore removed herself from the Committee as a result of her own actions.

3. The Management Committee also have a scheduled bi-monthly meeting within the next week. The situation will be reviewed at this meeting.

4. That a Special General Meeting of the Association will be called in the very near future, when a new Constitution will be presented for approval.

Dr. Beau Webber
Chairman, Save Manston Airport association"

My own take from the beginning has been to support local employment on the site provided that the environmental affects don’t produce significant problems.

At the moment I think that plans by RiverOak for an airfreight hub may produce levels of particulate air pollution that would result in a significant reduction in life expectancy.

I had a fairly protracted telephone conversation with RiverOak’s environmental consultant’s last week and am awaiting their promised email reply to me, so as they say I am on it.

I don’t think it matters very much what you support or don’t support at Manston the DCO is a front loaded process and problems have to be sought and addressed at an early stage.

On to today and painting.

The main thing I addressed was trying to sketch people looking down on them again, here is today’s attempt

The problem here is not so much an artistic one as a philosophical one, so here we go.

There was this guy called Emanuel Kant, and he was the first person to work out that for the most part what we perceive when we see something, isn’t so much what our eyes actually see, but a combination of what they see and what they expect to see, based on what they have already seen.

So for instance if you go into a kitchen, part of what you see is based on your mind’s previous experience of kitchens. A stone age man or woman would see something completely different and were they to see someone flying they would assume it was magic – type of kidney.

Anyway this kitchen, hang glider, wosisname in the head is particularly strong in terms of what a human face should look like, meaning that if you sketch people’s heads looking down on them from an upstairs window, the brain converts this into perceiving it a looking across at them.

a few photos taken today next

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