Monday, 21 February 2011

Pugin’s Abbey Church St Augustine’s Ramsgate secures £100,000 from lottery fund

The first phase of the repair and restoration scheme is about to commence now the funding is available.

The church is open for tours Wednesdays and Sundays 2pm to 4pm and Saterdays 1pm to 4pm, these are revised opening hours starting from 25th February and I am not sure about the opening times this Wednesday.

Pictures of the church at

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  1. I wish this restoration every success. This magnificent building was almost wrecked, and certainly neglected, by the monks and I hope the diocese will ensure its future now.
    When will Pugin's magnificent collection of vestments be returned to their home? The monks gave them away to the V&A, even though they weren't theirs to dispose of .....


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