Friday, 25 February 2011

Pigeon problem? Lazy cat? Large building? An illustrated Canterbury tale.

My day off yesterday and Canterbury seemed an appropriate pilgrimage, what with having children in tow due to the half term holiday.
The cathedral’s cat seemed a bit sleepy or possible contemplative, I suppose the position of feline apostolic delegate for the Church of England requires some thought.
The solution to the cathedral’s pigeon problem is regularly fly the type of bird that may give pigeons second thoughts about defecatingly decorating statuary, this is an old but apparently effective solution.
As you see the cathedrals graffiti problem extends back further than most
Although obviously the Dean and Chapter have made the logical assumption that anyone writing graffiti, unlike a pigeon will be able to read as well as write, so they have a sign.

I did take some pictures, most of these were taken without flash and although I tried to hold the camera steady in some places it wasn’t really light enough so excuse the shaky ones, the links take you to the rest of the pictures taken yesterday

The children were provided with sheets to help them notice things, tomb spotting being the most important task and that of The Black Price being a priority, they soon acquired a helper in the form of a minor Cannon and set about the task in very thorough fashion.

The tombs of the Knights alerted me to an earlier time politically possibly simpler and I wonder if some of the more pressing political problems locally would be better solved by the simpler expedient of trial by battle.
I will continue this tale if I get time


  1. Michael, if you enjoyed this visit try a trip to Roskilde in Denmark! The cathedral is truely AMAZING

  2. Ken it’s an interesting thought that when Roskilde cathedral was rebuilt nearly 500 years ago, after a fire destroyed the old cathedral, Canterbury cathedral had been standing for nearly 500 years having been rebuilt after a fire destroyed the old cathedral.

  3. How much did it cost for you and your children to enter Canterbury Cathedral?

    Ben K

  4. Nothing Ben, I am on the electoral roll of a parish in the diocese of Canterbury so have a pass to the Cathedral. I also had some business in the cathedral library so wouldn’t have had to pay to get in if I wasn’t, a case of killing several birds with one stone, so often the case. If live in Thanet I suggest you ask your vicar for a pass.

  5. Hi Michael, thanks for the answer. I once went along to Canterbury Cathedral, I lifted up the barrier and walked in. I was told I had to pay a few pounds ( can`t remember how much, was a few years ago ).

    I still refused to pay, so a security guard came over and said he would call the police if I refused to cough up.

    I told the security guard to make that call. He fumbled on his radio and more security and staff came rushing over from all directions.

    I addressed them all: I had come to the Cathedral to pray and they had the cheek to threaten me with police action. Hardly Christian.

    They then let me in, but I was watched closely. At the end of it all they said I could have a free pass if I liked.

    I currently live in the diocese of Osaka, Japan.

  6. I regret to announce that Laptop, our cathedral cat, was suddenly taken ill yesterday (11th September 2013) and died later in the day. He was buried in his favourite spot in the gardens at the cathedral today (12th September). He had attended the service of Mattins as usual on his last day. He was very old.


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