Friday, 11 May 2012

A few pictures of Ramsgate and a ramble perhaps.

 I did get our for a little while this evening and took some photos they may appear at and
 A pretty dreadful watercolour and a couple of sketches, a lot of the photos were taken after dark so some are probably pretty blurry, as I just copy and paste them by the page onto the internet you will see them when I do or before.
 A couple of issues at the moment that may be worth further investigation one being the changes to hospital services at the QEQM Hospital and the other relates to The Theatre Royal in Margate, I am pretty foggy on both issues so do feel free to comment about them.

Yesterdays cabinet meeting didn’t cover The Royal Sands, the councils website says they were doing a due diligence check on the developer, which in the circumstances may be difficult as SFP Ventures UK Ltd is in negative equity.

I think although am not certain that this check would be to ensure that the money, I think about £1.6m was sourced legitimately, this is to do with modern money laundering regulations which you may have noticed if you have tried to open a bank account recently.


me said...

Michael what has happened to your page sizes? They are masive

Michael Child said...

Don I think you may need to adjust the zoom setting on your browser.