Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Art Gallery, Nail Shop and ramble

I have to admit the nails going in to town centre shops are mainly to be found on the internet, I guess a shop called nails will be about decorating nails and not so much about selling goods. That said I am glad to see another shop in the street has been let, this is the up part of the year when people sink their savings into opening some sort of business.

There is also an art gallery opening in York Street, is it possible to make a living out of an art gallery in Ramsgate I wonder.

There was a boat being launched from No1 slipway when I went out at lunchtime,

things looked a bit tight in terms of how far they had managed to get the cradle down the slipway ns how far the tide was likely to rise, so I hope she got off OK.

Looking at the other blogs and bloggers, Simon Moores seems to be a bit obsessed with, Thanet Independent Group, or TIG at the moment, the thing about Tiggers as I am sure you all know is that they bounce.

Anyway Thanet Watch have put up a video of Tigger John Worrow having a bit of a bounce at The North Thanet Conservative Group.

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I took them with my phone, well to be more realistic, I peered through reading glasses at the reflection on the screen on the back of my phone, couldn’t see much and repeatedly pressed various invisible virtual buttons, mumbled a few expletives and what you see is what I got.

I will ramble on about RaspBerry phones next, I guess a lot of blog readers now have some sort of internet phone I certainly do as do my children, well one of their phones broke this week and I had to replace it.

We use the T-Mobile pay as you £20 for six months unlimited internet add on method, and have all moved to The Android operating system, £30 for a new “T-MOBILE PULSE MINI” phone from Ebay this was from Argos outlet on Ebay, which means you get and Argos guarantee. Going into the Argos shop, or for that matter any other shop I guess would have cost about £100 for a comparable phone, hence the death of the shop.   

What this means in terms of a mobile phone is a bit difficult to explain, if you haven’t got one, you can for instance download the free Skype app and telephone your friend in Australia for nothing. Or you can watch the Hornblower movie on your phone while sitting in bed.

If you haven’t got an internet phone then think in terms of trying to explain the advantages of a computer connected to the internet to someone who hasn’t got one.  

Don’t get me wrong here, you won’t replace a full sized computer screen, keyboard, decent digital camera, hi fi system and TV with a RaspBerry Phone but it is a very useful item to have in your pocket and produces a reasonable compromise for the above.   

I have just remembered the Mayor Making ceremony for Margate was this evening, so congratulations to Will, I do hope the novelty of Margate having a young mayor will help with Thanet’s rejuvenation.

There is no doubt at all that this area needs to get some more young people involved in politics.

On to wild rumour and Manston Airport, apart from a Middle Eastern operator, word is that Balfour Beatty are interested and that Infratil have come down from £80m to something in the region of £35m. 

I think they paid £14m for Blackpool Airport and put up £31m of the £60m RCA paid for Exeter Airport, so I guess this information added to the rumour makes some sense. 


  1. Interesting how John Worrow does not think the North Thanet Conservatives reflect the same modernistic attitude of Conservatives elsewhere. One of the main people he disagreed with when still wearing the blue colours was Bob Bayford, who is a South Thanet Conservative member, and he has also attacked Julian Brazier on his blog who is a Canterbury Conservative. Maybe then it is not just the North Thanet Conservatives who are out of step, but all the ones that disagree with JW.

    I was also interested to hear via BBC South East, that Cllr Worrow thinks he may be targetted for assassination by a right wing homophobic hit man. Later, on Ceefax, I read that someone had left a message on his voicemail hoping he might catch Aids. Interesting choice of weapon that for an assassin!

    Could this all be just paranoia one wonders?

  2. The kiddies' television type music at the start of the video was so appropriate. Well done whoever chose it.

  3. Blackpool and Exeters values must have dropped since purchase. Blackpool's passenger numbers fallen from 439,200 to 235,682 in 2011.
    Exeter just passed over 1 million passengers in 2007, the first time over 1 million passengers had used the airport in a single year, however passenger throughput declined to 717,694 in 2011.

    On passenger numbers of 30,000 what is Manston worth?

    1. Do you have values for Exeter and Blackpool, 1:37, for without them your comment is meaningless. Obviously you so enjoy knocking Manston that your contributions do not have to make any sense.

    2. Anon 2.29, See text of this post "I think they paid £14m for Blackpool Airport and put up £31m of the £60m RCA paid for Exeter Airport, so I guess this information added to the rumour makes some sense."

    3. The difficulty when ascribing a value to Manston is that Infratil treat it and Glasgow as one lump:

      "In January 2012, Glasgow Prestwick and Manston Airports were reclassified as a disposal group held for sale following the decision of the Group in January 2012 to plan to sell
      these airports. Efforts to sell the airports have commenced and a sale is expected within the next 12 months. The Directors, with reference to a 31 March 2011 external valuation
      performed by Deloitte LLP (trading as Drivers Jonas Deloitte), England, have impaired the value of the airports. The prior year valuation was performed in accordance with the
      recommendations of the RICS as defined within the RICS appraisal and valuation manual. The key assumptions in these valuations include future passenger and freight
      volumes, commercial revenue yields, the on-going operating and maintenance costs for each airport and the appropriate discount and capitalisation rates. The Directors
      valuation at 31 March 2012 fair valued the airports at $64.7 million (GBP 32.7 million) (2011: $92.7 million (GBP 44.0 million)). An impairment charge of $24.8 million (31 March
      2011: $34.4 million) has been recognised in the profit and loss, in the results from discontinued operations."

      Manston also has some income from property rentals.

      It is a bit complicated but I could probably expand on this if anyone is really interested.

    4. I would not bother, Michael, for the value is whatever someone is prepared to pay for it.

    5. Tom here in Ramsgate the value and the future of the airport are of interest as is the hope of it going to a large and responsible UK company, both from the point view of it providing local jobs and the attitude towards the environment. There is a very wide difference between a freight airport owned by a foreign company intent on minimal environmental standards and a regional passenger UK owned airport.

      I think Infratil bought Glasgow for £33.4m and Manson I think for about £12m, I think also both airports produced losses of about the same order but would have to check, this adds up to £45.4m and they had them on the books at £44m well now they seem to be saying they value both airports at £32.7m.

    6. Still does not change the fact that the true value of anything is what the market will pay. I am an airport supporter, Michael, but many things conspire, not least of all local authority negativity, to making Manston less attractive to an operator than it might otherwise be.

  4. It's worthless on the aquifer, and the cleanup cost and missing fines.

  5. Purchased a laptop via the Argos outlet excellant value had to send it back and got it returned working better than I ever dreamed possible inside three days talk about first class service. I am disgusted by the council labour or conservative approach to Manston. Gatwick employs thousands and when I worked in the Crawley area there was virtually zero unemployment and many bussinesses relocated to the area beacause of the transport hub ie airport


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