Friday, 16 August 2013

Pamela Beamand & Margaret Lees exhibition at The York Street gallery in Ramsgate and a ramble..

Here are the pictures of the pictures which should expand if clicked on.

Looking down at the now defunct port Ramsgate this evening I was conscious of how desperately we the council so sort out some temporary uses for some of the seafront property they own.

It is all very well seeking recrimination about old mistakes, but it doesn’t benefit us in any way, perhaps a large fun fair on the port site, getting part of the Pleasurama site cleared if it was only used for parking, getting the sun deck of the pavillion open, would be good starts.


  1. Is the Port all closed now? It looks a big site when devoid of traffic.

    There must be quite a colony of artists on Thanet judging by the number of changes of exhibitors at the Gallery!

    1. Not exactly Pat, there are some non ferry businesses that have buildings on site, but nothing regularly using the port for berthing.

      There certainly are, I think York Street Gallery has a waiting list of about a year, with one exhibition a week, there are various other galleries, but this one gets the coverage on the blog because I go past it most days.

  2. If the Port is essentially closed have the Port TDC staff been sacked or had their wages cut? We can't be paying them to sit around especially if they knew TEF was in problems for 3 years?


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