Saturday, 14 September 2013

Some things to do in Thanet this weekend including the vertigo option.

This is heritage free open days weekend, which means you can get to see inside some of our historic buildings for free.

St George's Church Ramsgate Timed tower tours,
Saturday 14th September:
Open 10am to 6pm with tours at 11:30am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm and 3:30pm
Sunday 15th September:
Open 12pm to 4pm with tours at 12pm, 2pm and 3pm.

Tudor House is one of the Margate
14 September 2013 - 15 September 2013
11:30 - 14:30

Sunday 15th. September from 10.00am - 3.00pm

The Grange Ramsgate built by Augustus Pugin in 1845
14 September 2013 - 15 September 2013

I would say the high point of the weekend is going up the tower of St George's Church Ramsgate, here are some pictures of last time I did this.

There is also the Thanet branch of society for All Artists exhibition at York Street Gallery in Ramsgate on both days.

My bookshop is busy today but I did manage to get out at lunchtime and take a few pictures of the exhibition, below.


  1. Looks like the best thing to do on Sunday is stay indoors unless you have a new brolly and raincoat to try out.

  2. Anon 8:18,

    Where are you? The sun is shining here in Pegwell. Though to be fair it may not last. But until then.......

  3. Visibility looks pretty good for the tower tours at the moment.

  4. Anon 0818,

    You were right, the weather has turned foul.

  5. John was searching on SEAS and found these was your Dad called Jack and mum Vicky?

  6. Anonymous 5:45 pm,

    Your link does not work.

    I never answer a question like yours to anyone who posts as anonymous.

    You may email if you wish, on any subject. Click on my name above which will lead to to my email address.

    I apologise; but I think you will appreciate my stance bearing in mind that there is an obnoxious little creep who infests this site as anonymous.

  7. John I don't either so I went to their main web page then searched the archives. putting in your surname and 6 pictures came up. I can see why anon asked the question I think he was being helpful.

  8. Thank you Barry. I did not imply that the anon necessarily meant any harm. However the fact remains that I will not discuss my personal life with a someone concealed behind the cloak of 'anonymous'. The question may well be guileless. In which case he or she has my email address.

  9. Barry,

    Yes and many others too. I know the archivist. Thank you.

  10. Wish I could find my great grandparents horace and mabel Brown. They spent summers here and they retired here in 1947 were they bought a house

  11. Cameron embroiled in Hate speech “You have to be motivated by hate. Hate speech should be prosecuted — but only when it’s motivated by hate.” Interesting comment from the Telegraph 17 Sep 2013. The comment was prompted by Spurs fans chanting the word Yid at themselves, The FA says it is offensive to call anyone a Yid even if that someone is yourself.

  12. Barry,

    The FA is daft. How can I insult myself - and even if I could I would immediately forgive myself.

    The Jews are renowned for their self-deprecating humour. Jackie Mason's act is hilarious. The Jews ability to laugh at themselves displays immense strength of character and confidence. I could never trust a man who takes himself too seriously.

    For the record I am a Gentile.

    Whilst I cannot insult myself I can abuse myself which is a different matter. [I thought I'd get that gag in first].

  13. "Whilst I cannot insult myself I can abuse myself which is a different matter"

    Now that IS something (the only thing found so far) that James really is a self taught expert in!

  14. Hamilton why on earth are you being boring, following a fellow blogger around bullying him? Is it because you accuse bloggers without proof and get caught in a lie. What makes you accuse Louise of getting The Winter Gardens and Lido listed in July and September 2008 when it was the Council conservation team that applied for them to get that status. Do you not realise how long that process takes? There are many people that wanted them to become listed buildings. What have you got against them being listed.
    Just because you got caught out doesn't give you the right to follow him around bullying him. Get a life!!

    1. I also have to ask why Michael allows Hamilton to post his nasty comments on here?!

    2. Anon 6:09 pm,

      Probably for the same reason that he allows you to post yours.

    3. Oh James, it seems you lack the courage to post your BS on 2 seperate groups, under your own name, having been proved a LIAR yet again.

      Just one of your more obvious and quickly exposed lies;

      “BTW the Electoral Roll is a legal document so again you are wrong” - James
      “she is on the Electoral Roll from 2007″ - James
      “Louise Oldfield – Dear John Hamilton, I moved to Margate in June 2008″ -Oldfield

      Try harder James, and under your own name ;)

    4. Oh so boring Hamilton.

      for those wishing to follow the actual discussion:

      and not just the censored version. Get a life Hamilton
      btw 6:09 must have read above and wondered what planet Hamilton was on.

    5. Hammy why are you so intent on polluting Michael's blog with a discussion from another blog. To set the record straight after talking with Louise.
      As you know the Electorol roll has to be completed by anyone intending to vote and therefore when it arrives at the address you are living at you are obliged to complete it and return to the Electorol officer.
      In Louise's case in 2007 she was living part-time in London and Part-time in Thanet with the intention of making the move to Thanet permanent, This was achieved in 2008 and is what she refers to on her blog, which you copy/pasted.
      However she was intending to vote in Thanet which is why she appears on the Electoral roll in 2007.
      So no lies however whether it was 2007 or 2008 it is not true that she has lived here for 10 years which you stated on Geoff's blog neither did she cause the Winter Gardens or the Lido to be listed.
      Now take your accusations of Michael's blog like the anon at 6:09 asks as following me around only makes you look stupid


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