Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Pleasurama aka Royal Sands Ramsgate cliff façade repairs.

Bit like painting The Fourth Bridge this one, the contractors have now got to repairing the other end of the façade and the mortar between the blocks while at the end they started is already crumbling so the paint has fallen off. Click on the picture to expand it and you can see what I mean.
  Here is the diagram for the confused, the yellow bit seems to have been designed by a drunken civil engineer with bad eyesight and the council still won’t tell me if the main support pillars have any foundations. If they have then they aren’t the load spreaders shown on the design plans.

The green bit was built after the 1937 collapse and appears to be a good solid piece of work that is pretty near the 100 year concrete sell by date.

The purple bit is what remains of the bit that was built in 1860, the rest collapsed and then collapsed halfway through the rebuild, 1960s or 70s can’t be bothered to look it up. As you cansee if you expand the photo of it has no proper foundations. You don't even need to expand this one.

Is it 107 or 109 apartments they intend to build under this façade?

The last repair which was about £1m on our council tax didn’t last very long, and the council won’t tell me tell me what this one cost or if they have an engineers report saying how they intend to do the next repair with the new development three metres away from the cliff façade and about the same height.  

With no drain holes in the purple bit I wonder how the water that builds up behind it gets out, perhaps through the missing foundations at the bottom 


  1. At least the wall just outside the tunnels is ready for some murals

  2. Not good enough. Edwina's trade-off for keeping quiet about the entrance being restored to the HMS Fervent Tunnels. Shame on all of you who colluded in this.


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