Thursday, 12 November 2015

The start of a watercolour of the interior of The Peter Cushing in Whitstable and some thoughts on music formats’

Not sure if this watercolour sketch of a watercolour of the interior of The Peter Cushing in Whitstable of The Peter Cushing in Whitstable will pass muster, or if I will start again, the pad is standing upright on my desk at the moment and I am thinking on.

The main issue is that every time I go to my favourite winter lunch spot in Whitstable I will do a bit more of the sketch, layers and layers as JWMT would say, and in this one it’s the art deco light shades that give the problem. Hard to draw and hard to get in the right place.

I think painting interiors is more difficult than townscapes and it’s a good place to paint.   

I’m not really sure when I started acquiring recorded music, some time around 1960 I would guess. At around the age of seven it was the format that the adults where getting rid of that could be acquired, usually for free. 78 rpm records, called wax records, but I think shellac (beetle droppings) perhaps there was a huge beetle farming industry. Being a fairly lazy type I never really changed format, so much as got the new player and continued using the old one too. Frankly I use the whole lot.




Press 3 if you want to press 8 and listen to boring advert while trying to get rid of the pop up advert.

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but generally get on best with something physical that is large enough to find.

Anyway today I bought a gramophone record which I put on the gramophone, which while it is not the latest model, works reasonably well, doesn’t require much in the way of special training to operate and honestly the quality doesn’t seem to be significantly worse than the average across all the formats.  

A bit like photographing something and processing it in the darkroom, photographing something with a digital camera or just painting it I suppose.
Anyone recognise this waterfall in Whitstable?

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