Saturday, 21 November 2015

Watercolour sketching in Margate today, Sands Hotel, Bernie’s Chocolate Café and Turner Contemporary Café.

This watercolour sketch is from The Sands Hotel in Margate

By way of explanation, one of the smoke alarms in my bookshop started making beeping noises indicative of a flat battery at 5am.

Having found the culprit and disarmed it
I tried to make coffee and realised the noise I was making trying to get last nights out of the wosisname was bad
I walked across the kitchen to get a spoon to dig it out, when the coffee fell out, high on caffeine I repaired to Margate, where
me being somewhat inconvenient after the coffee The Sands Hotel was the only place open and comes highly recommended for an early breakfast in Margate.

on to Bernie’s Chocolate Café where I did a bit to the painting I started the other week

on to Turner Contemporary, where I was handed a leaflet about all the stuff going on there today "Live in the Gallery" including "T S Eliot Margate and Madness" and being terrified that I would engage in some way, I went to Turner Contemporary Café where I was disturbed by
this label on a granite block but eventually got my stuff out ready to paint and had just roughed in the shape of the inside of the cafe, 
when a gallery attendant appeared and asked me if I wanted to make my confession, I explained that I was a bishop of The Church of Aphrodite and that after the Hyde Park festival I wan't going to make a confession either there or later in court
my painting then moved forward in the spirit of The Draughtsman's Contract, vide beauty spot and perhaps not,
  back to Bernie’s Chocolate Café, and up the stairs in previous picture of Bernie’s Chocolate Café, above, from which vantage point, also above I painted
 just in time
I had done so much work in my bookshop yesterday that the railway and ship books I processed yesterday seem to have leaked onto today's bookshop blog

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