Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Mystery traffic accident in Ramsgate and our bookshop’s website is out of date.

Another where in Ramsgate photo? This time I have the answer

I have been working on a leaflet giving details of the bookshops in and around Canterbury to leave in Canterbury tourist information office and my task today was to ask every bookshop in Canterbury and make sure their details, shop name, phone number, opening hours were correct.

I think it fair to say they all had issues. Here is the list and if you know of any other bookshops in Canterbury please let me know.


1 Chaucer Bookshop 6-7 Beer Cart Lane CT1 2NY 01227 453912 mon–sat 10–5 sun & bank hols 11-4 100 bookcases (secondhand mostly antiquarian and collectable, large local history stock)

2 Oxfam 51 St Peter's Street CT1 2BE 01227 454091 mon–sat 9.30-5.30 sun 11-4 30 bookcases (charity Bookshop)

3 Catching Lives Books 28 Palace Street CT1 2DZ 7 days 10 to around 5 45 bookcases (charity bookshop)

4 Burgate Bookshop 10B Burgate CT1 2HG 01227 638458 mon–sat 10-5 Sun 10-4 60 bookcases (charity Bookshop)
new bookshops

5 Waterstones 8 Rose Lane CT1 2SJ 01227 452354 mon–sat 8.30-6 sun 11-5 (new 2 floors)

6 Waterstones 20-21 St Margaret's St CT1 2TH 01227 456343 mon–sat 9-6 sun 11-5 (new 3 floors closing in jan 2017)

7 New Stories 19 Whitefriars Street CT1 2TA mon-sat 9-6 sun 11-5 (remainder) 

8 The Works 17 High Street CT1 2JE 01227 764267 mon-sat 9-5.30 sun 10-6 (remainder)

9 WHSmith 19 St George’s Street CT1 2LB mon-sat 8.30-6 sun 10.30-430 01227 766129

10 Blackwells University of Kent Locke Bldg, University Rd, CT2 7UG 01227 451654 mon-fri 8.30-6 sat 10-4 (new academic)

11 Christ Church University Bookshop, Canterbury Campus CT1 1QU
01227 782256 mon-fri 9-5 (new academic)

I find it interesting that businesses that are household names have considerable difficulties updating their website and that the current information about bookshops being given out by the tourist information office is out of date.

Certainly it’s surprising that Canterbury is supporting so many bookshops, next it’s the bookshops going clockwise around the coast from Faversham to Folkestone and once again it’s surprising how many there are.

My bookshop 72 King Street CT11 8NY 01843 589500  9.30 to 5.30 Mon, Tue, Wed, Fri and Sat 130 bookcases (secondhand mostly general), has been busy again today, hwew is the link to the books we put on the shelves

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