Friday, 30 September 2016

Some Thoughts on Local Pictures.

This is a print of Ramsgate I bought in Canterbury yesterday, it says on the packet C. 1875 which would relate to date of the book it was taken from. Most of the small Victorian coloured prints started out in Victorian books as black and white pictures and were take out of the books, had coloured with watercolour and put in frames. I think the colour on this one is fairly recent, partly because all of the slate roofs are rendered red and the bathing machine hoods coloured.

Anyway I think circa 1870 showing the trains going beyond Augusta Stairs, the inclined Marina Road without the arches, this may have been wishful thinking as although several attempts at an inclined road were made before the arched viaduct, I am not certain that any were successful.

Of course the artist could have gone out in a boat and sketched the view “from the sea” however I doubt it, so as it is I would guess the artist made a few different sketches and combined them, or copied sketches done by someone else.

Of course back in the day, n0 photographs

This is Pegwell Bay, Kent - a Recollection of October 5th 1858 by William Dyce, one of the most famous local paintings, but to me it does look a tad Monty Python

Here however is the watercolour Pegwell Bay by William Dyce, 1857 which explains something or another.

We did do some work in the bookshop today honest guv, here it is

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