Friday, 4 August 2017

Mine is longer than yours or is it Day of the Triffids?

Been a long day at work today, I was on hand in the bookshop but catching up with correspondence at my desk.

We went for an after work walk as we seem to have returned so summer evenings, or at least one summer evening.

I took some photos mainly because I was intrigued by what appears to be a sailing yacht with a much taller mast than usual for its size, the hull that is.

If you are familiar with my out and about photos recently, what I do is take a digital camera with me which will take the sort of pictures you can’t take with a mobile phone camera. I then proceed to snap away, rather that trying to produce photos with a high artistic quality as I don’t know how to.

After that I publish them on a conventional website as I am far too lazy to click away enlarging pictures and find it easiest just to go down the page of them using the arrow key on my computer.

When I bunged the camera card into the computer and copied and pasted all the pictures onto the website, lazy again as I only takes about five presses of computer keys, Ctrl A – Ctrl C – Ctrl V, ok that was six, I noticed there were also a few pictures from a previous evening, this week or last.

So the first few are of the film crew vehicles at Ramsgate Marina Car Park, followed by the triffid or whatever it is poking out of Eastlciff Lodge Greenhouse after this we come to today’s photos which start 

with the newly restored Royal Victoria Pavilion rising behind the Pleasurama Slag Heap wosisname.

This is followed by the dome between the statues being built but as the pillars underneath are not there yet it’s a bit surreal.

Then more triffids as the Pav is having what looks like a plant delivery with plant.

Sorry about all that rambling here is the link to the rest of the pictures

here is the work link to the books that went out in my bookshop today


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