Sunday, 6 August 2017

A few Royal Victoria Pavilion Ramsgate Pictures, bit of sketching rats and rabbits in Canterbury, minor ramble.

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With the Pav due to open in about three weeks I thought a few pictures wouldn’t go amiss.

Canterbury today, if you have daughters and live in this part of Kent then shopping in Canterbury is unavoidable, so a pen and watercolour sketch.

Time ran on and I couldn’t get back for Margate Carnival as I thought driving into Margate at about 4 pm in the hope of finding a parking space or even arriving was probably a bad move. If I had been about earlier I would probably have taken the bus, although the bus from Ramsgate to Margate always seems to take ages compared to the actual distance. The train is quick but every half an hour and I would have been bound to have just missed one.

Sorry it’s all the diodes… I have got out of practice sketching with the pen as I have just been using the brush recently, however with my bookshop very busy at the moment not even much of that.

Something that is pretty odd is that the journey to Canterbury by bus doesn’t really work out any slower than the car as it runs from the harbour to the middle of Canterbury and takes less than an hour, so by the time you have parked there is nothing in it.

On Sunday’s though with a full car it is much cheaper to go by car than by public transport.

The Canterbury wildlife by the river is something that fascinates me, I often take pictures of the rats, presumably attracted by feeding the ducks but what on earth a wild rabbit was doing there is beyond me.

The new art exhibition in the Canterbury Beaney is photos, very good but not one to photograph for the blog so it’s the stained glass there which fascinates me

 For the dedicated bookshop followers in Ramsgate here is the link to the books that went out in my bookshop on Saturday

I’m not really sure whether I should be apologising for some of my more peculiar blog posts at the moment, I know I have a lot of readers and when the children were younger, well there would have been no doubt that it would have been Margate Carnival and a few hundred pictures, I suppose the only alternative would be for me not to post anything at all on days like today.

Of course there is the local news and political hype and once I made more of it, so at the moment yes I do look at the Pav coming out of its shell and obviously this leads me to look at old pictures, not really to do more than compare as I don’t think it needs criticism

I do wonder what’s exactly going to happen come the next tidal surge storm, but as no one will be living in it and it has survived previous ones albeit to the detriment of the carpets, which this time around will be specially made, I more admire the project than anything else.

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