Sunday, 20 April 2008

Murder and arson mar resort's bid to become a coastal artists' haven

A 'hit' and the torching of a roller-coaster have rekindled memories of a violent past, even as the seaside town tries to become Bohemian writes Jamie Doward, home affairs editor in todays

To the local council, Margate has the potential to become Hoxton-on-Sea, a coastal haven for young British artists who will spearhead its renaissance.
But following a murder and two high-profile arson attacks in the past month, the Kent town has been the subject of a series of lurid headlines that suggest it may take more than a cultural revolution for Margate to escape its seedy past. click here to read on


Matt B said...

They say great minds think alike and perhaps it is true. I also picked up on the story in the Guardian. Sadly they also say that fools never differ so I guess we should pick the most complimentary proverb and go with that.

Michael Child said...

Ah but yours the classier post with the use of ibidem