Tuesday, 7 December 2010

The King of the council?

This civic throne of leaders, this septic isle,
This dearth of majesty, this seat of Bob,
This other chamber, semi-paradise,
This fortress built by a Leader for himself
Against defection and the hand of law,
This happy breed of men, this little world,
This precious chair set by the silver sea,
Which serves us in the office for us all?
Or as a moat defensive to the group,
Against, less envy of the happier lands,--
This blessed blot, this dirt, this realm, this Thanet.

Robert The Unborn of Thanet Act 2 scene 1

Sorry about that I am loosing patience waiting for council to respond to my questions about the local leadership consultation.


  1. 21.08 well spotted, I looked at it after I wrote it and considered if my patience was movable or detaching couldn’t make up my mind and left it.

  2. They responded to me. The Council is making its decision on the 16th of December (a week on Thursday). If you E-mail Mr. Back and tell him what you think you can be assured that your views will be included in the consultation. He didn't explain how he is going to do this if he receives 40,000 E-mails but this shouldn't be a problem because they haven't publicised the consultation.

  3. So if Mr Back receives just 3 emails and 2 are for a leader elected directly by the public, is he legally bound to go with the majority?

  4. I will get Back on to you about that.

  5. 23.38 and 14.18 I don’t really know how to respond to your comments, I had genuinely assumed that whatever else was wrong with this country it was a democracy.

    I genuinely assumed that the civil servants running our democratic services were somehow above petty political wrangles and had a genuine wish to ensure that the electorate voted fairly to elect the politicians they wanted.

    I genuinely believed that any consultation about who we voted for or the system of government would be conducted fairly to ascertain the will of the electorate.

    2 to 1 is a damn sight to near the mark for my liking, but no, I have no faith that this consultation will result in the implementation of the will of the people, be it six of them or six thousand.


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