Thursday, 9 December 2010

The Turner Contemporary and The Ministry of Silly Walks Update.

You may remember in the past I have published videos of this project that is funded by the Turner Contemporary, well here’s another one.

In these interesting economic times it is always useful to know what public money in being spent on.

For instance KCC have plans to introduce traffic gridlock in Margate, this scheme not only includes having traffic lights at the clock tower roundabout, that achieved this so well before. It expands the concept to include traffic lights instead of the other roundabout on Margate seafront and making the road a lot narrower.

The whole scheme is a snip at about £8m, you may be interested to know what KCC have to say about it.

Apparently the aim is to reunite pedestrians with the beach.

This next bits congers up images of Lego and toy cars.

Officers are working on a micro-simulation model of Margate and Westwood to study the network implications of rerouting traffic on the seafront road.

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  1. One wonders why having seen thge chaos caused before by trafic lights those who think they know what is best for us plebs who acctually LIVE HERE. And at 8 million have these prats have no idea I wish I could get to talk some sense into them But obviously when you can spunk away 8 mill on stupid ideas listen is the last thing they will do. aFTER ALL they know better thats how come the got to be in charge of the money and dorks like me I dont count coss I am a pleb who hasnt seen a traffic jam or so the councillors think. MAYBE BEING IN CHARGE OF A LARGE BUDGET MAKES COUNCILORS ARROGANT AS WELL AS STUPID?


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