Thursday, 27 January 2011

An Outsiders View of Thanet’s Latest Political Wrangle and a ramble with a few pictures.

I suppose by now most people must be aware of Labour councillor Mark Nottingham’s blog post, Whoops Mark's taken it down, however another councillor has published it here and Cive's response about Mark's deselection from the Thanet Labour group’s list of candidates, for election as a Thanet District Councillor in the forthcoming May elections.

From the point of view of an outsider, neither Conservative of Labour, nor anything to do with the council, one is inclined to make some sort of judgment and I suppose this judgment is likely to be inaccurate.

I think that this is just more about the leadership of the council, it seems pretty obvious that a lot of people are beginning to wonder if the Conservative cuts are going a bit beyond sorting out the mess Labour has made of the national economy and starting to get into the realms of cutting for political reasons.

In short cutting too fast and to deep may cause the economy to crash, some of the things that the government have done look idealistic, rather than common sense to me, mine is an old naval family, on my grandmothers side one was nicknamed Dreadnaught, so perhaps there is something in my jeans – sorry not Levis – here.

The business of The Ark Royal and the Harriers is what I using for an example here, scrapping before you have a replacement looks as though it will neither save much money or makes any sense.

Government cuts for me I am afraid need to start with the bureaucrats not the sailors and pilots.

All that said, I think Labour think they are in with a chance here in Thanet and of course this means that if they get a majority in the May elections then the new council leader would be Labour.

Now the way council leadership has changed this means that the new leader is pretty much guaranteed to stay leader for the next four years, something that is worth about £90,000 in allowances, worth having a bit of spat about if you’re a bit skint.

Of course if the council hadn’t fixed the leadership consultation then we the electorate would be voting for the new leader see or even

As it is I suppose there is a lot of horse trading and back stabbing in both parties and the tip of the iceberg is the part of that is described by Mark Nottingham at

If I was in Mark Nottingham’s shoes I suppose I would be off organising a mayoral referendum petition, something that would put a stop to the whole unseemly business once and for all.

I have no affinity with the current leader whosoever as he is just too rude to reply to my correspondence, my paternal grandmother the dreadnaught one, once said to me. “The mark of a gentleman is that he is only rude deliberately.” And I am afraid that the current incumbent is being rude by accident. So on this score alone both Labour contenders win outright as the do reply to my correspondence, something that isn’t always easy.

Here in Ramsgate the last Eight years of Conservative leadership at Thanet District Council has resulted in a town that is more like the aftermath of a civil war than the aftermath of good local government, so on that score any change is likely to be an improvement.


A new Hospice Charity Shop has opened there, I only looked at the book section, it is very good as charity chop book selections go, well worth a look and a better selection than some small secondhand bookshops.

A few Westgate pictures here

Birching ton

I had a ham sandwich at Quex Barn in Birchington today, substantial reasonably priced, good WiFi connection.
Redundant technology

I replaced my emergency digital camera with a Traveler 5.25 megapixel one manufactured for Aldi supermarkets about £12 on Ebay.

This is the camera that I keep in my pocket all the time and use either when I forget my main camera, its memory card or its battery goes flat.

Pictures from it, including the roadworks in Harbour Street Ramsgate, here and full sized ones here I only mention this as I have to get things like very cheap cameras for children and this is the best I have found so far. The cheap sonny ones are pretty good but they use a non standard memory card which is a pain.

The other thing I have replaced this week is my mobile phone, the other one developed some sort of physiological problem, like all of the small bits of technology I carry bout it didn’t last very long.

As I had already put £10 worth of credit on it and paid T mobile £20 for 6 months internet access I bought another secondhand phone. I have large fingers, poor reading site, can’t spell, am not happy with mobile phones, but I am used to – comfortable with computers of all sizes running Windows – so I bough the largest phone I could find, that is most like a notebook.

My main use of a phone is as an extension to the internet that is mobile and the phone I have bought this time, secondhand for £30 – an Xda Exec - suits my purpose so well, that I will just get another one as soon as it expires.
Anyway once again if you are confronted by which one to get secondhand on ebay and you want a very large phone with a qwerty keyboard, this is the one to go for.
I have just typed the above very rapidly and with out correction as I am a bit short of time and will endeavour both to ramble on and tidy up any errors late if I get time.


  1. Michael
    They're all rude, bar two or three notable exceptions.
    Be interesting to see if Mark Nottingham picks up on your governance/mayor section. We have more than enough evidence to prove that the consultation process was not conducted legally and that therefore the next TDC will be illegal

  2. It seems a bit "He said she said" and I wonder if Cllr Liz Green will have something to say about the allegations that Cllr Kay Dark undermined her as a Labour county cllr.

    I wouldn't put money on anyone going to court over this though.

    The last posturing on that tack I think was Cllr Simon Moores versus Cllr Mark Nottingham.

  3. Mark Nottingham has taken has blog post down. Could it be that he is afraid of being sued for telling outright lies about people?

  4. I read Mark Nottingham’s post.
    Mark Nottingham claimed Clive Hart wrote a false report on Kay Dark approving her as a candidate. Why doesn’t Clive Hart publish this report to show Mark Nottingham is wrong?
    Mark Nottingham claimed Kay Dark was not good enough to be a Labour councillor because she did not do work for her constituents in Northwood Ward. Why doesn’t Clive Hart provide evidence to show Mark Nottingham is wrong?
    Mark Nottingham claimed Kay Dark lied at the Northwood selection meeting. He then claimed Clive Hart ensured the investigations into this were cover ups. Again why doesn’t Clive Hart provide the evidence to show Mark Nottingham is wrong?
    Only a few chosen Clive Hart supporters have seen any documentation. My view is that if Clive Hart has to show his paperwork his argument will fall apart.

  5. Andrew I have exhausted all possible cheap routes to an elected leader so suggest if you feel the urge you pursue this one by either judicial review or mayoral referendum petition, I frankly just don’t have time to do either.

    1.03 Simon Moores has put it up again and I have revised the links to it in the post, leaving the first original one as peoples comments on mark’s post are still there.

    7.43 I expect Clive will have more to say about this one.

    Rick please lay off posting potential libel here, if you want to do this, do it on your own blog. If you don’t I will apply a computer engineering solution – as we are both engineers – that will make it very difficult to post on blogs for you. So be a good chap, delete your comment edit it and re-post it.


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