Thursday, 13 January 2011

An Expensive Silly Walk, New pictures on The Great Wall of Ramsgate and The Turner Contemporary Gets a New Website.

I noticed several more pictures have gone up on the Great Wall of Ramsgate when I went for my walk after taking the children to school this morning.

I got a bit confused about what was new and what wasn’t so took a picture of each of the pictures. It was a bit gloomy this morning so they may not be that good.

Click on the link for the pictures of the pictures

I have just been told to publish the picture of the monochrome fabric on the great wall in higher definition, here it is

The Turner Contemporary has a new website at and you will be interested to know that you will be able to hire the events space there to hold an event.

The events space holds 120 people theatre style or up to 80 cabaret style, it’s a bit pricey though at £950 a day not including the evening which will cost you an extra £750 see

They have also added another video of one of the art works they have been sponsoring, another in their series, The Ministry of Silly Walks, it appers on their website in rather a small size, see the bottom og this page so here it is in all its glory.

Découvrez L'art en marche selon Hamish Fulton sur Culturebox !

1 comment:

  1. Interesting comparison of what is considered art in Ramsgate and what passes for art in Margate.

    Are we missing something?

    Or are they?


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