Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Read All About It, more local paper changes

Due to interest from the various people I know who haven’t managed to grasp the internet, I have been considering producing a paper version of some of the local blogs.

It may naive of me but I see local papers and local blogs as something very much related. In some ways local blogs are nearer to the way local papers used to be than the local papers are now.

Sorry I digress, the latest local paper to make a change in Thanet Extra, they have now launched a free e-edition see http://www.thanetepaper.co.uk/LandingPage.aspx

Obviously this raises the question, is this the first stage to dropping the paper version of the paper like Your Thanet has?


Matt B said...

I think the true issue is that unfocused marketing does not work any more. People will buy a paper if it meets their needs. It's not part of our life as say 100 years ago reading the morning papers might have been. A paper these day's is a whole other thing.

By the way feel free to use my content. With an attribution of course.

Marty BoneIdol said...

Oh.... and you have permission to use mine too... even though it's not too much about local issues.
There's not much in the papers these days other than a few eye catching headlines.

Michael Child said...

Marty Matt, yes feel free to use my content too.

Mrs T P said...

I always turn to local blogs, to find out local news with your being one of my favourites. I don't know how you would make a printed version pay for itself though.

Retired said...

The local press are making a mistahe by failing to really run with the local interest issues raised on blogs.

EG FOI requests revealing contamination of the water supply since the 60s.

Not surprisingly people reading this, for the first time, on blogs want reassurance that the issue is not serious. And I have to say that ECR served the public interest ill. A consummate writing pro he mitigated every revelation against ad hominem fallacy. Bibliobloke, Irritating Bloke, Tim Garbled etc.

The local press now has to face the fact that local bloggers (Rick, Thanet Online, Tim Garbutt, Thanet Star, Big News Margate etc) , in spite of the humorous snipes of ECR, have served the public interest infinitely better than the press.

Michael Child said...

Mrs TP I think the answer there is that I don’t have to make it pay, I am often asked this about various local history books that have a very limited appeal, the answer is that they don’t pay.

Retired you a very similar answer to the previous one, that is the local papers primary objective is profit.