Thursday, 3 February 2011

Day off ramble and a few pictures

It’s a bit patriotic here in the Child household, as the Brownies who live here have to learn the first two verses of the national anthem for a badge. No mumbling for them at the proms nor the embarrassment of finding what you thought was the first verse repeated wasn’t.

I did manage to get out, a on and off, today and it was very like a spring day and not like winter at all.

The first wander was up to the top of the cliff above the Pleasurama site and there is now a lot of activity there, I will come back to this later.

As I went down Augusta Stairs I noticed there is also a lot of activity on the Marina Restaurant site so I went and had a look inside, here are the pictures

There is no doubt that the new apartments there will very desirable indeed, the sea views are stunning and close up the workmanship looks to of a high standard.

The flood and storm protection, raising the ground floor, should be adequate although I would have preferred it to have had an emergency escape to the cliff road above. My major safety reservation about this development is the part that wasn’t there before built against a dubious looking part of the cliff.

There is also some bad news here, the parts of the original building that were removed after the first stage of the restoration works see have been accidentally destroyed.

On to the Pleasurama site, more of the base of the cliff façade has been exposed by the site preparation, here are the pictures

Some people say I have made an unnecessary fuss about the condition of the cliff façade here, they also say there is nothing wrong with the foundations, the design drawings say there should be thick concrete laid on solid chalk.

There are also some new pictures on The Great Wall.

Things get a bit complicated on the camera front some of the pictures are from my phone some from my Mickey Mouse camera and some from the camera I usually used, tip here, don’t put the memory card out of your pone into the laptop and use the wizard to remove the pictures as the programs you installed on the card probably won’t work.

Anyway the pictures here are a bit muddied up

Good discovery in the library, this website allows you to look at old and detailed local street maps, enter your postcode tick the box, try not to get angry with it and you may find it worth the trouble.

I may ramble on later.

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  1. Michael I hope you wore a hard hat whilst taking those photographs ? I dont see any of the builders wearing one which is enough to get a prohibition order on the job if the HSE seee that no one is abidding by its stupid rule. I was a roof tiler and apart from birds muck never had anything fall on my head but I was governed by the law and had to wear hard hat and boots on site and once had a job stopped for not having them. Dont you just love them.


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