Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Pinch and a Punch It’s the First of the Month

Once again Mr Borings monthly blog post, so unless you have a local blog I would give this one a miss.

Here is a list of the traffic to this blog from other local blogs and websites that comes here by clicking on a link on those websites.

Click on the link for it http://www.michaelsbookshop.com/2111/

Here are the top local blogs, with some notes.
Still at number 1 EASTCLIFF RICHARD http://eastcliffrichard.blogspot.com/ with 345 readers sent here from there Wikio, not rated.

Quite why this should be the case when he hasn’t posted anything since 21st September I don’t really know. Last seen on Facebook where he said. “Contrary to popular opinion, I am not dead. Merely resting.” On 12th October, and his final word even more recently on Twitter, where he said. “What chance of flogging a Fannit cliff top mansion in this economic climate? That said, my London pied-a-terre is up 30% in 5 years!” on 5th January.

Blog quick to open comment moderation set, test comment 11.14.
At number 2 BIGNEWS MARGATE http://bignewsmargate.blogspot.com/ with 195 readers sent here from there Wikio rating 919.

Tony being at number 2 seems reasonable as he posts regularly the content is controversial, interesting and he gets a fair amount of comment.

Blog is a bit slow to open due to advertising, irritating word recognition when you try to comment, and comment moderation set, belt and braces very difficult to comment on, test comment today 11.29.
At number 3 Thanet Life http://birchington.blogspot.com/ with 192 readers sent here from there Wikio rating 1630.

Good and informative local blog run by local councillor, always publishes my comments although some of them disagree with what he says and put him in a difficult position, well done that man.
Blog quick to open, irritating word recognition when you try to comment, and comment moderation set, belt and braces very difficult to comment on, test comment today 11.44.
At number 4 Eastcliff Matters http://eastclifframsgate.blogspot.com/ with 73 readers sent here from there Wikio not rated.

Good and informative local blog run by local councillor.

Quick to open no comment moderation or word verification, easy to comment on.
At number 5 Ramsgate Remembered http://my-ramsgate.blogspot.com/ with 70 Readers sent here from there Wikio not rated.

Quick to open, impossible to comment on.
This all links up with the same chap’s other local history site http://www.ramsgatehistory.com/ where you can comment so not really any black marks for not being able to comment on his blog.
Both sites are excellent for information about Ramsgate’s history, my only warning being is that if you go there you may not get much else done for a while.

At number 6 Promote Thanet http://promotethanet.blogspot.com/ with 49 readers sent here from there Wikio rating 4024.

Quick to open no comment moderation or word verification, easy to comment on.
This blog is an interesting mixture from a local disabled bloke, being the internet though you wouldn’t know, if he hadn’t said.
The latest innovation here is that Don has evidently acquired a camera that he can use despite his disability, so he is putting up some from the wheelchair shots that offer a different and interesting view.

At number 7 Thanet coast life http://thanetcoastlife.blogspot.com/ with 47 readers sent here from there Wikio rating 4385.
Quick to open no comment moderation or word recognition, test comment 1.42
This blog is an excellent resource for Margate history and local marine ecology, once again the only snag being, if you go there and start working back through the posts, you may not get much else done today.

I may do some more of this but it’s a bit time consuming.


  1. I wondered what the test comment was for , now I know. Strange that ECR still at no.1

  2. Weird isn’t it Don, a powerful Thanet tool going to waste, just notice your from the scooter picts, keep up the good work.

  3. Hi Michael I meant to say nice piccies. I love old vehicles and those pics hark back to a former time. I must say I am glad I live now and not then but nostalgia is a strange thing, we want that which is gone but with modern conveniences.

  4. What we want is the fine sense of "Morality and purpose" that they had then.
    I know if given the choice I would rather have my time in their era than what we have here now, which is no more than a collection of wide boys and educated morons running our council.

  5. Cheers Michael, a couple or three points, Adverts are their on the basis of why not try to get some benefit, even if only goes as far as keeping me in paper clips.

    Speed of loading, get a faster connection or if averse use RS or even better paste this link into your browser and it will throw up a mobile version of the site http://bignewsmargate.blogspot.com/?m=1

    The comment moderation was in place due to the amount bitching back bitting and eye scratching resulting from Mark Nottinghams comments on Clive Hart

  6. Hi Tony, nice tip using the mobile version, I have only just got to the point where I can use a mobile phone for blogging, with fingers like butchers choice sausages I am finding it pretty hard going.

    I did wonder about the moderation, you may wish to consider dropping the word verification now blogger seems to have sorted out its spam filter.


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