Friday, 11 February 2011

Roger Gale Gags Gazette at Thanet College

Don’t quite know what this is all about, click on the link to read!/pages/Isle-of-Thanet-Gazette/130587156970738 or click on the picture to enlarge.
I don’t really understand Facebook so I didn’t know how to link to this so it won’t vanish, hence the pageshot.
I think this may be about “Education Maintenance Allowance” EMA this is a payment made to students to help them stay in education that the government is abolishing.

£30 per week for those whose household income is under £20,817 p.a.;
£20 per week for those whose household income is between £20,818 and £25,521 p.a.;
£10 per week for those whose household income is between £25,522 and £30,810 p.a.
Understandably students are pretty annoyed about this.
Along the lines of you budget your life to do some sort of educational course and then the government remove all of your independent income, before the course is finished.

It just wasn’t a fair decision, if the government had cut their money in proportion with all the other cuts I don’t think this would have been unreasonable, but to take the group in society aged from 16 to 19 and remove their entire benefit seems just crass.
I can fully understand why Roger doesn’t want the press there when he tries to tackle the students questions about this.

One does wonder though about freedom of the press and democracy in Thanet it seems that Ken Gregory thinks that Hosni Mubarak has suffered some sort of injustice, that has caused him to resign.

Well what he actually says is “it seems that somewhat less than 7% of the made a fuss and the President was forced into exile.” See

After the rigging of the leadership consultation I suppose we should expect some of our local politicians to be concerned about press freedom and democracy. It’s certainly good to see Roger and Ken taking an interest.


  1. The Isle of thanet G should certainly be barred from everywhere, given their 'High' standard of journalism

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  3. With average pay in Thanet being £17K a cut of £1.5K per year per child is a bit of a heavy cut. So much for we are all in it together. With this and other grants for the youth in Thanet being cut the future is not great for this generation.

    The reason Mubarak was hanging on was to secure his fortune, his families fortune and his cronies fortunes. His familie's is reported at £25 billions with his son holding £5 billions of property in the USA. Not bad for 30 years work and it makes the millions made by Sir Mark Thatcher from mummy's connections look like chicken feed.


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