Thursday, 7 July 2011

Day of shopping at WC, cheap artists materials and some pictures of Ramsgate

I had reached a point where I had pretty much run out of clothes that didn’t make me look like a tramp, not something beneficial for a shop assistant, so I had to make one of my rare excursions to the big Tesco and TK Max.

Tesco seem to be one of the only places that keep trousers for fat men with short legs, note the ones that say “active waistband” on them mean that they get bigger when you drink a pot of tea, or a couple of pints, or eat your lunch.

TK Max have shirts that are ok and quality cooking equipment, today a quality stoneware cooking pot with a lip so the pastry has something to sit on and a stainless steel saucepan to replace the one the handle fell off. I thought that was it however but in the end of the toys they have some half price proper make artists materials, at half price, Windsor and Newton paints and so on.

I bought myself a tin of 6 Derwent skintone colouring pencils reduced from £11 to £6 so I came away from the unpleasant business of shopping with a toy.

No pictures of WC as they don’t allow photography, however a few of Ramsgate mostly take after delivering Brownies.

Here are the pictures I may add some comment when I have had a look at them.

As you can see, the dodgy looking bit of the Pleasurama cliff wall looks well dodgy and the work on site is continuing at snails pace.

Dredging is occurring in the area of the new pontoon, which should be beneficial.

Some MG cars on Harbour Parade and a white seagull with a brown head, either a special breed or it had been at the chocolate source.

The makeover of the Admiral Harvey is looking good and it is very good to see work staring on the large empty house in Albion Place.


  1. nice pictures Michael. How are you liking your new camera?

  2. Don the main thing for me is that the two irritating things with the previous model have gone. One was to do with the battery, this one has its own dedicated battery and charger and with a spare battery I have no worries about running out of power, you can also gat a thing for it that takes AAs but the system is so good that I haven’t bothered to get one. The other is that this one has a dust remover that actually seems to remove the dust.

    In terms of using the thing, it will perform very well on auto, but has loads of settings for the more adventurous and I am still going down the more adventurous road, this will take longer but I hope ultimately give better results.

  3. No such thing as a seagull Michael! Big ones are normally Herring Gulls, the brown headed one is a Black Headed Gull.


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