Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Your Thanet, No News Is, No News.

It looks like Your Thanet has gone altogether, this weeks new e-edition should have appeared on their website, but hasn’t.

I then had a most bizarre telephone conversation about this with the KOS news desk, they told me that they didn’t know if Your Thanet had finished altogether, but would phone me back later with the information.

I wonder if the council are still paying to advertise there and sending them press releases, there is a certain irony at the moment in the council dealing with a local paper that doesn’t appear in any form at all.

Update today’s edition of Your Thanet has now appeared 


  1. Michael, off topic I know but do you know a phone number to contact the protest group re: live exports.
    I'm trying to let them know the JOLINE is due in Thursday early morning and again Thursday afternoon(28th July).I cannot leave a message on their Facebook page as I must remain nameless due to employment reasons.

  2. I don’t suppose the hard working people at TDC have had chance to do anything about advertisements, their to busy digging through the archives trying to keep up with FOI requests generated by people who constantly think they know better and feel they have a duty to decry, denigrate and undermine those placed in positions of trust by the majority..

    The sad thing is a potential visitor to Thanet with access to the web may well stumble upon this website; let’s just hope they see past the bigoted and blinkered views often generated here.

  3. It could be worse anon, they could stumble upon my website! ; )

  4. Sorry 21.38 I have been away from the computer and now it is obviously too late, if you email me I will send you contact details for future use.

    19.56 having given up a considerable amount of my time this week to discussing problems relating to my foi requests with senior council officers who seem to find the issues I raise important constructive and helpful, I do wonder what strange perspective your anonymity covers up.

    You seem to slightly confused about the difference between those people placed in a position of trust by the majority, the elected councillors and those who respond to foi requests employed, non elected officers.

    Don’t know about that Peter, I have often said that we should be encouraging naturist tourism, by providing nudist beaches with proper facilities, here in Ramsgate one of the tree bathing beaches would be about right.

  5. To anonymous 19:56,

    I can understand your frustration about FOI requests. They can be irritating to those in Government. It's rather like the fag of having to hold regular elections.

    It is amazing how some taxpayers have the temerity to imagine that they could possibly know better than TDC Councillors and Officials.

    The Councillors and their Officials should be left alone and allowed to what they want, how they want, whenever they want. It is not the public's job to question them and, and heaven forfend, to challenge their probity.

    On the other hand you are probably just a troll.


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