Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Thanet District Council Issues New Statement on Live animal Exports From Ramsgate Harbour.

The point that they seem to have missed is any mention of the whether or not the council have an animal welfare policy and if it has what it says. I could foi them and would probably get an answer in about a month, does anyone else want to try?

I will write to some of the councillors and see if any of them reply.  


  1. Michael

    As I have pointed out in a reply on my own weblog at the presence or absence of an animal welfare policy is irrelevant to this particular argument as the policy for livestock welfare en route lies with DEFRA If these were domestic pets, such as our popular local 'Staffies; one might possibly have a different argument to pursue and possibly greater protection..

  2. I suppose Simon like you and almost every other local I would like to see this business stopped and so although I am probably clutching at straws here I think that if the council had a strict animal welfare policy this could make things more difficult for the perpetrators of this trade.

    I am also painfully aware that as I drink cows milk, which causes a surfeit of unwanted calves in the UK where there is little demand for veal, I am in a sense part of the problem.

    I suppose the dog and dole problem is really only just beginning and as the dogs get older and more difficult and expensive to own the problem will get a lot worse.

    But I do believe that the council should have some sort of animal welfare policy in place, lots of other councils seem to have them.

  3. Dover tried and failed trying to ban the trade and I don't think TDC should be wasting £££ and I don't think you should be wasting their time persusing something that is irrelevant

  4. Michael
    For once I am with Simon on this. Dover Harbour Board - considerably richer than TDC - tried at great expense and failed. As long as there is capacity in the port - and there is - then no amount of by-laws, animal welfare policies, little old ladies with purple ribbons, etc is going to change things. The trade is legal and protected by the Treaty of Rome and its successors. We have little enough surplus cash on this Island - we should not be investing it in lawyers' retirement funds. The ONLY route is to persuade the EU to change the law - and remember how big a lobby the farmers have in Brussels.

  5. The first shipments have gone through and it is too late to anything about it now. a first for the new chief exec, well done for putting a blight on thanet and the port of ramsgate, but then as a non thanet resident i don't suppose you care.

  6. "well done for putting a blight on thanet and the port of ramsgate"

    What's this all about then or have you completely failed to grasp the legal argument 13:10?

    I will avoid writing in CAPS but visit my weblog on and it is clearly explained that this decision has absolutely nothing to do with local politicians, council officers and perhaps even the fairies living at the bottom of your garden!

  7. Without wishing to stoke the fires too much - 1310 you are obviously illiterate. Or stupid. Or so politically biased that you would blame TDC for everything from the Fall of Man to WW2. Or all three.

  8. WWII, OMG someone mentioned the war?
    Are we about to go into Blogging War 2!!!!! I now retire to Blogging Bunker for 6 months and remind oneself not to mention animal welfare policies which should have been instigated during Iraq 1.

  9. The question has to be asked though, if tdc are so set against it, why are the amending the pilotage rules to make it cheaper and easier for them to operate ??? methinks tdc talk with forked tongue

  10. Anonymous 6/7/11 @21.52, nobody knows for sure yet what impact Article 13 of the TFEU - the 'sentient beings etc' clause - will have on the EU (Court of Justice's) thinking about the matter.

    Being almost certainly directly effective, this Treaty article must be adhered to by TDC and others: if it were really found that the animals are suffering due to a lack of regard for their welfare during the exercise of the EU fundamental freedoms (eg. free movement), then I believe TDC must move to ban the use of the Port. In my opinion, sitting there and saying, "Oh, the Act of Parliament from 1847 prevents us from banning the exports" is a dangerous game for the Council to play. Imagine if it were found that the 1847 Act was in breach of the Treaty because it does not permit the prevention of use of the Port under any circumstances! TDC would have to fork out a lot more money if that was what happened.

    Also Anonymous 21.52, you might not think it is particularly relevant, but, given the scores of people in Thanet who have been disturbed by the exports, I would say it has become important enough.



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