Saturday, 3 September 2011

Royal Sands Development, Pleasurama Site Ramsgate another crack in the wall

 A new crack has appeared in the cliff façade up near the lift end, I don’t really know what this one signifies as it hasn’t had time to develop yet. I can’t see any signs of bulging, but as the crack doesn’t extend to the ends of the block infill panel it does look to signify lateral pressure from behind rather than the downward movement of the whole lower part of the panel.

You may need to click on the picture above to enlarge it enough to see the crack.

The whole of the portal part of the cliff façade between the lift and the arched part of the façade isn’t looking very good at the moment and I think if we have a cold winter water freezing in the various cracks could lead to considerable and expensive problems.

I will remind you that if you are a local council taxpayer you have already contributed to the £1m spent on this structure recently. 

I have added a picture with a red line around the area where the new crack has appeared for clarity.

It’s difficult to know what to say about this one how we have reached a position where we have a seventy foot high cliff in this sort of condition adjacent to a new development under construction seems to defy common sense.

There is a certain irony in the fact that were the development on schedule, there probably wouldn’t be enough space between the development and the cliff to repair the cliff wall safely.   


  1. Careful, Michael, you'll be accused of wasting peoples time or told to get a life. Well spotted.

  2. I think everybody is getting thoroughly fed up with your ridiculous scaremongering. How silly it is to claim that there wouldn't be enough room to repair the wall. How much room do you need to reach down with a long stick and poke some Polyfilla in the crack?

  3. Looks like Anon 16:45 was right...

    Anon 08:29, if you think just filling a crack is a safe & proper repair then you're either very naive or very stupid. I just hope for everyone's sake that you don't work in the building trade.

  4. Peter, where has your sense of humour gone? 8:29 was being reflective in a sarcastic way on Michael's perpetual scaremongering over the cliff facade. If it is not underpinning then it is cracks.

    Anyway, it is Ramsgate's problem and they have their illustrious Labour town council and mayor to sort things out for them. Not really anything to do with us northern Thanet types.

  5. Well in ten years tdc haven't managed to get a single house built on the pleasurama site, do you think they will have the same problem on the eurokent site, i trust the original owner will get some payback for the change of use, (which incidentally tdc decided was a good idea 4 years ago)

  6. There is no money, anon, for Gordon the Terrible spent it all. No money means no new houses cracks or no cracks.

  7. The thing is will EKAP or the Audit Commission do the right thing...i personally very much doubt it?

    Yet anther Thanet Can of Worms.

  8. Just got to the comments after the weekend and will make a few of points. I have reported the problem to Cardy’s the contractor and as usual have had a prompt response. I have also reported it to the council, as yet I don’t know if I will get a prompt response, saying that they will check on it to make sure it is safe, or if they will treat my email as customer feedback, which means a response in a fortnight, or a foi request which means a response in a month.

    My take on the situation is that when you have seventy foot high concrete cliff wall suddenly develop a crack, this may signify that something is wrong with it.

    Onto Gordon Brown and the last government spending the money, I should point out that the Pleasurama development is privately funded, so it isn’t government money that would be used to build it. My guess is that funding is difficult as it must be for many other projects at the moment.

    I think much of the problem with both the Eurokent site and the Pleasurama site is that housing on both of these sites is not necessarily the most beneficial solution, the only thing that it seems may be beneficial is that TDC would stand to get considerable funds, if and when any housing is actually built.

  9. Can we ditch the flats and have 'Merrie England' back, please. 'Neros' wouldn't go amiss either.

  10. Oi Checksfield. I'm as competent at building as you are at photography.

  11. Well I wouldn't stand too near that wall then...

  12. I think some of his photos have been touched up, I hope the wall is not.

  13. This reminds me of a nursey rhyme!!!

    TDC and a developer went up the hill to fetch a patch for the wall.... I leave the rest to you!!!

    Its best to mention the Audit system when you do though?

  14. Oh dear Michael another Blog site coming soon "TiT" Thanet in Tatters.

    It will deal with the dodgy developments and eviscerate TDC and the politicians accurately and concisely.

    And oh boy am I going to have some fun especially with the worthless localisms untrustworthy bill!!!




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