Saturday, 3 March 2012

Beach Cross in Margate Today a few pictures

 No one seems to have mentioned this one and I didn’t even know it was on.

If you click on the pictures they may enlarge.

We really do need some sort of good events site that clearly tells us what is on this week and sends feeds that bloggers can use on their sidebars.

The cost to the local economy of not having this must be really quite large.  


Anonymous said...

Missed it.If I'd known I would of had a day out in Margate.
Oh Well !

Peter Checksfield said...

They used to at least have large banners advertising these things on the seafront for a couple of weeks beforehand, but now that TDC in their infinite wisdom has decided that they're "unsightly" it's even harder to find out about events (I live just around the corner but didn't have a clue until I heard the engines!).

Anonymous said...

Would of loved a day out watching this with all the family.
six of us having lunch and refreshments.
Saved myself £100