Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Lunchtime walk ramble pictures in Ramsgate

The weather now being clement I meandered about with my camera at lunchtime, first up is the Pleasurama site, which on reflection doesn’t have the look of a stage finished, but of a hurried downing of tools.
The contractor said in yesterday’s post; “The structural columns which support the transition slab are all fully complete in readiness for the transition slab.” as you can see from the picture they are not finished.

The Cornish pasty people seem to have been a bit naughty too. 
Seems from the bits of paper on the windows that when the bailiffs turned up to remove the stuff there someone had beaten them to it.  
It is interesting times for the shops in town centres, the eatery almost net door to the previous one has reopened, but the underlying problem is the lack of real ordinary shops selling ordinary items. There is only so much eating and drinking out one can do and if shopping centres cease to be shopping centres then all of the things that opened because the shops were there, eateries, estate agents, banks, building societies become less viable.  
Not far from my bookshop another hairdresser is about to open in what was a shop selling things, probably made redundant by out of town shops and the internet.   

As you see from the picture we aren’t short of hairdressers here in King Street.  

Just around the corner from me another addition to the shopping centre, based on the compensation culture. 
I will ramble on. 


  1. I noticed today that a shoe shop will be opening soon in Harbour St where the school clothes shop was

  2. You can't get a good hot meal or a haircut from the internet so maybe the future of High Streets will revolve around these types of shop


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